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5 Common Driver Distractions that May Surprise You

Posted on 10/21/2013 by Adrienne Sallerson  |  0 Comments

5 Common Driver Distractions that May Surprise You

We all know that texting and talking on our cell phones while driving is dangerous. But there are other driver distractions just as dangerous. Here are 5 that might surprise you:

  1. Eating – According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), eating while driving increases crash-risk by 80%. What tops the list of the most dangerous foods and beverages?

    Sorry coffee lovers, but that cup of hot java is a huge risk. I think we can all agree that burning hot coffee on your lap would be distracting. So, please say no to drinking (coffee) and driving.   
  2. Drowsy Driving – Drowsy driving reduces reaction time, which increases crash-risk. Did you know that drowsy driving occurs most frequently during the first hour of a work shift?

    It’s extremely important to be awake and alert when maneuvering the roadways. So, make sure you catch enough z’s before getting behind the wheel.
  3. Daydreaming – According to a recent analysis of nationwide crash data, daydreaming was the cause of 62% of vehicle collisions between 2010 and 2011.

    Controlling what goes on in our brains can be difficult, but it’s important to remind yourself to focus on the road. So, start thinking about your weekend plans once you turn off your vehicle.  
  4. In-vehicle Entertainment – According to NHTSA, you shouldn’t perform a task, such as radio tuning or adjusting climate controls, for more than 12 seconds while driving.

    One study performed on drivers tuning their radios, found that crash-risk increased after the driver’s eyes left the road for more than 2 seconds. In this instance, please DO stop the music.
  5. Sightseeing – It’s important to watch the road and pay attention to your surroundings, but you shouldn’t fixate on external objects.

    When that billboard with the juicy cheeseburger is staring right at you, it can be difficult to focus. Just remember to watch the road, and please don’t speed to the nearest burger joint.


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