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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

5 Steps to Get Your Employees On Board with Automated Time Cards

Posted on 05/06/2013 by Adrienne Sallerson  |  0 Comments

Still using paper time cards? A recent article from Construction Business Owner states, “Paper time cards cost businesses an average of four hours and five minutes per employee per week, each time card takes the company an average of six minutes to process and there’s a 1-to 8-percent error rate of total payroll when manually processing them.” While most business owners realize the inefficiencies that come with paper time cards, some are still uncertain about implementing an automated application, such as a GPS fleet tracking solution.  

What are business owners feeling most concerned about? For some employees, an automated time-tracking solution raises question about loyalty and distrust from their bosses. And for the business owner, instilling distrust in the workplace could result in employees leaving the job. So, how can business owners make the transition without breaking employee trust? 

Here are 5 steps to help get your employees on board with an automated time-tracking solution:

1.Be upfront and honest: Set up a meeting and let your employees know what your plan is beforehand. They will appreciate the honesty, even if they aren’t thrilled.

2.Listen to their feedback: Give your employees the chance to voice their opinions, whether good or bad. Be sure to listen and respond.  This shows your employees that you value their opinions.  

3.Explain the need: Explain your reasoning behind it all. Make sure to let your employees know that this is an important business tool, and not something you are going to use against them.

4.Don’t jump to conclusions: Once implementing the solution, approach every situation professionally. Get the whole story before jumping to any conclusions.   

5.Provide results: As you experience the benefits, let them in on it. Show them how it has benefited the business. This could lessen any negative feelings they may have, and actually invoke excitement about the system. 


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