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5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Customers Find You

Posted on 03/28/2017 by Wyn Partington  |  0 Comments

5 Things You Can Do Today to Help Customers Find You

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if no one knows about it, your business is unlikely to succeed. It’s important to make sure that your business is found by those who can benefit from it. Here are five things small businesses can do today to market themselves effectively.

  1. Advertise – These days, who doesn’t look to a search engine first to find what they’re looking for? Right now, there are probably customers in your area looking for landscapers, construction companies, delivery services, dry cleaners, cleaning services, and so on. By leveraging paid search from Google and other search engines, small businesses can ensure that their name comes up at the top of the page when potential customers type in the keywords that describe the business. Other forms of advertising include traditional mediums like direct mail, radio and local TV ads, as well as digital ads on social media and other websites. 
  2. Get on Social Media – Being active on social media is one of the cheapest ways to get noticed. First, find out where your ideal customers hang out – for consumer brands, this could be Facebook or Instagram, while B2B prospects are typically found on LinkedIn and Twitter. Post thoughtful, relevant commentary related to your company or industry, but be sure to avoid the hard sell. Invite people to follow you. Engage with your customers, letting them know about special offers, sales, new services, operating hours and more. Ask friends and customers to like your page and offer special incentives to those that share it with their friends. It’s important on social media to not get sucked into always trying to be online—a few times a day for a few minutes is plenty.
  3. Create Content – Inbound marketing is all about creating content that leads your prospects to your website for more information. This can take the form of blog posts, testimonials and more. Tackle subjects that are pain points for your customers and offer tips on how to solve their problems. Consistent, keyword-laden content is also key to generating organic SEO, enabling search engines to highlight your site for free. For local businesses, make sure you use your location frequently in your website content. Think about how your customers search, and work phrases like “for the best house cleaning service (enter your own service here) in Stamford” into your website.
  4. Ask People to Recommend You – Word of mouth goes a very long way to driving new business. Every town or county in America now has its own Facebook page, yard sale site, or Mom’s group. Ask your loyal customers to recommend your business on these sites. Also, ask for a testimonial for your own website, and see if any of your customers would be willing to act as an on-demand reference for potential customers.
  5. Attend Events – Although the entire world seems to have gone digital, there’s still nothing quite like meeting your prospective customers face-to-face. Local business conferences, chamber of commerce events, networking events, meet ups, ribbon cuttings, and other special events serve as an opportunity to offer product demos, provide free samples and connect on a personal level – making you much more likely to close a sale.

As a small business, you are likely on a tight budget. However, marketing is not the place where you want to skimp, because ultimately, it’s what enables sales. With that said, there are many ways in which you can market your small business without spending a lot of money. With patience and consistency, your ideal customers will be able to find you, enabling you to get to work on making their lives easier.

Are you a small business that uses vehicles to service your customers? Want to make your life easier? Give fleet management software a try.


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