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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

A Top 10 List for Selecting a Fleet Tracking Solution Provider

Posted on 09/18/2013 by Ashley Jones  |  0 Comments

A Top 10 List for Selecting a Fleet Tracking Solution Provider

If you are looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution, it can be difficult to choose between the ever-growing numbers of companies that provide a solution. Here is a simple checklist with the top 10 characteristics all providers should have.

1. Longevity
GPS fleet tracking providers come and go. Don’t get stuck with two guys in a basement. Make sure all the companies you look at are financially stable and have a proven track record of at least a decade.

2. Reliability
Unexpected outages are not unheard of, but should not be accepted.  Companies should have a system uptime in the 99.9% range. Reliability doesn’t end with software either. Be sure to look into the durability of their hardware devices as well.

3. A Comprehensive Solution
To get the most out of your purchase, your GPS fleet tracking solution should do more than just put dots on a map. Be sure to ask about other features such as scheduling, dispatching, routing, reporting and mobile applications. Not all solutions are created equal.

4. Innovation
A quality provider should have industry-leading technology with extensive investments in research and development. Ask about their industry firsts. How did they pave the way for the industry? Accept no imitations or imitators for that matter.

5. Ease of Use
If it’s not easy to use, than more than likely it won’t be widely accepted at your company. Make sure the solution is intuitive so that you get the value and ROI of your solution. Comprehensive doesn’t equal complicated.

6. Superior Customer Service
Customer service starts at the beginning of the process and doesn’t end.  A company’s customer service associates should be available nights and weekend.  Your relationship with the company shouldn’t end after the sale. If they say they’ll call, they better call.

7. Satisfied Customers
A close cousin to superior customer service, satisfied customers are the “proof is in the pudding.” Ask about references or real-word success stories. Their customer referral rate should be around 95%.  The provider should be making their lives easier.

8. Complete Coverage
A GPS fleet tracking solution isn’t going to do you much good if it conks out in remote areas or places with limited coverage. Check to see that your company provides CDMA and GPRS as well as satellite coverage.  Be sure you can track all your stuff, anywhere.

9. Extensive Training
Training should be free, unlimited and ongoing. You’re busy. You need options. So your provider should offer classes that range from “just getting your feet wet” to “I got this...bring on more!”  Get up and running quickly!

10. Industry Partnerships
The best GPS fleet tracking companies have industry-leading technology and solution partners to provide great features and value to their customers. Ever heard of a little company called Google®?


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