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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

Celebrate and Support Local Businesses That Use Fleet Tracking to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Posted on 11/25/2016 by Lisa Durrett  |  0 Comments

Celebrate and Support Local Businesses That Use Fleet Tracking to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Small Business Saturday is this weekend, and here are five reasons why you should be happy to support a local small business that uses GPS fleet tracking to manage their vehicles:

  1. Your delivery time / service window will be more precise. How many times have you been told to clear a big chunk of your day for a delivery or service call, and wondered why the time estimate is so imprecise? How great would it be if you could zero in more clearly on the exact time of day you needed to be home, and not have to waste hours sitting around waiting? With online vehicle tracking, dispatchers can be more precise in scheduling your delivery or service visit, saving you time and aggravation.
  2. Your plumber can more easily respond to your emergency. Your local plumbing company probably has several repair trucks in its fleet. Let’s say one of your pipes burst and you need someone over to your house in a hurry. With GPS fleet tracking, your plumbing company can figure out immediately which member of its team is closest to you and can get there with everything they need to manage your problem. They can even navigate around traffic or emergency road conditions to make sure you get the help you need when you most need it.
  3. No more wondering when that tow truck will arrive. Ever been stuck out on the road wondering when help will arrive? If you live in a big urban center, chances are you’ve had the experience of being told the truck will be there shortly, but they don’t show up until three hours later. With easy-to-use vehicle tracking, dispatchers can now give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take to get you towed to safety. You’ll be able to leave your vehicle to get some food or drink if necessary, without worry that you’ll miss the arrival of your tow truck. Or, if you know it’s going to be a couple hours, you can invite someone to come wait with you, knowing it will be worth their time to join you. 
  4. Better truck maintenance means better service for you. Companies that utilize online fleet management solutions are able to cut down on risky driving behaviors such as excessive speeding or braking, help their drivers navigate around poor road conditions, and monitor unauthorized use of their vehicles, all of which pose risks to the health and well-being of their trucks. With this kind of technology at their fingertips, small businesses now have the capacity to improve the overall condition of their fleet. Better maintenance means less chance of vehicles breaking down on the road, all of which means a more dependable and reliable service provider for you.
  5. Lowered fuel costs translate to additional savings. One of the biggest costs for any company that relies on trucking as part of its primary service is the cost of fuel. By using GPS vehicle tracking, companies can ensure that their drivers are not only taking the most efficient routes, but that they are not leaving their trucks idling for excessive lengths of time. By monitoring behaviors like this that directly impact a significant part of their overhead, companies are able to save considerable money. Keeping their costs down means that their prices will also remain more reasonable for you.

In all of these situations, the quality of your customer experience is going to depend on the ability of that business to deliver your services and goods in a timely, efficient manner. Online fleet management may be the key to your satisfaction! 

If you are a small business, and you’d like to make your services more attractive to your customers, perhaps you want to investigate the benefits an online fleet management solution can bring to your company. Drop us a line so we can tell you more!


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