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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

Fleet Fuel Theft

Posted on 03/27/2013 by Chelsea Holmes  |  0 Comments

There’s no getting around it – fuel is a huge expense for businesses with a fleet. On average, it accounts for around 30% of total expenses, with many larger fleets spending millions of dollars every year on fuel.

As fuel prices continue to climb, the rate of fuel theft is accelerating as more employees are tempted to steal fuel from their employers. After all, what’s a gallon here and there when a company may go through thousands of gallons every month? Well, a little here and a little there quickly adds up. In fact, employee fuel theft is now costing the U.S. trucking industry alone $2.1 billion a year.

So, as a fleet manager, it’s imperative to have systems in place to make sure your fleet is not paying more than it has to for fuel. Managers should keep a close eye on how their fleet vehicles are being used. By utilizing a fleet management solution with fuel tracking capabilities, you can keep track of how precious fuel is being used through various reports and/or alerts.

NexTraq recently added two new reports to better help businesses manage their fuel:

  • Fuel Efficiency Report – This report enables managers to monitor for any discrepancies in fuel usage by providing a comparison between a vehicle’s “Expected Fuel Consumed” vs. “Effective Fuel Consumed.” Deteriorating fuel economy could mean several things. For example, maintenance may be needed, the operator may be driving uneconomically (e.g., hard braking, speeding, etc.), or employees may be stealing fuel. In any case, if a vehicle’s fuel economy is getting significantly worse, it should be examined.
  • Fuel Slip Audit Report – This report provides information regarding purchase location and vehicle location at the purchase time, fuel capacity of the vehicle and amount of fuel purchased for every fuel transaction made during a certain timeframe. For example, if you have a Ford F150 that holds 26 gallons, yet an employee purchased 32 gallons of gas, you know there may be a situation to look into.

By being aware of fuel slippage and taking proactive measures to minimize it, you can improve your fleet’s profitability. The value of taking these steps will only increase as the cost of fuel continues to rise and as your business continues to grow.


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