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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

How Will the 2G Cellular Sunset Impact My Fleet Business?

Posted on 11/10/2016 by Lisa Durrett  |  0 Comments

How Will the 2G Cellular Sunset Impact My Fleet Business?

As a small business, you can appreciate the benefits the latest technologies bring to your company. But when that technology gets older, and is no longer the latest and greatest, it may get replaced by something bigger and better. That is what’s happening today with wireless networks. And if you’ve had a fleet tracking solution in place to help bring more efficiency and cost savings to your business, you could be impacted.
Older cellular networks, called 2G networks, are being phased out by wireless carriers all over the world, and being replaced in the same spectrum with high-speed networks that allow for things like video streaming and other features that require a lot of bandwidth. The “cellular sunsetting” process itself has been in the works for a few years, with companies slowly removing 2G towers and equipment, but by the beginning of 2017, AT&T will have phased out 2G service completely. T-Mobile and Sprint will follow closely behind.

If your small business uses a fleet management solution based on 2G technology, that means you’ll need to start over completely with new equipment, even though you likely have no need for 4G or 5G speeds and bandwidth to power your fleet. Your 2G equipment simply won’t have a network to connect to—it will be obsolete. 

Small businesses who manage fleets have had a lot of time to prepare for the 2G sunset, and you may have already replaced your fleet management solution sometime over the past year or two. Perhaps you’re waiting until the last minute, because you still have connectivity and are trying to squeeze everything from your existing solution before investing in a new one. But did you know that just like the 2G sunset, there will eventually be a 3G sunset, and so on, as bandwidth demands continues to grow? Spectrum is limited, and wireless carriers need to “re-farm” it to accommodate the higher-speed services demanded by consumers.
This is a problem, because the fleet management equipment you invested in to save you money and make your business more efficient is now a throw-away technology that needs to be replaced every few years. That will seriously impact your return on investment.

We don’t think that’s fair, and we’ve designed our NexTraq ADVANTAGE program so that you never have to worry about the costs of cellular sunsets or technology upgrades again. NexTraq ADVANTAGE bundles together hardware, service and warranty costs in one low monthly fee – completely eliminating up-front costs for future hardware purchases.

Want to future-proof your fleet management investment? Learn more about our NexTraq ADVANTAGE program and contact NexTraq today!


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