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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

It May Be Time to Add a Hybrid or AFV to Your Fleet

Posted on 02/27/2013 by Chelsea Holmes  |  0 Comments

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the number of alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) on the road increased from 534,000 in 2003 to almost 940,000 in 2010. Sales of hybrid and electric cars are expected to triple by 2017, when federal mandates for higher-efficiency vehicles kick in.

From an environmental perspective, this is a very good thing. But for business owners, the real news behind the numbers is that AFVs are finally starting to make economic sense.

In a year in which analysts have predicted record-breaking gas prices, the idea of getting 50 or even 95 miles per gallon seems extremely compelling.  Add in tax incentives of up to $7,500 per vehicle, and that means more business drivers can recoup the upcharge from standard models, not to mention enjoy fewer trips to the pump and access to carpool lanes in traffic-riddled parts of the country.

The range of AFVs available on the market increases every year. There are more than a dozen types of fuel in production or development; the most commercially available being natural gas, electricity, propane and diesel. Ford and GM are pushing ahead with all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric models.

Hybrids, powered by both electricity and gasoline, can get upward of 50 miles per gallon and are by far the most common type of AFV. With the oldest Priuses having now been on the road for 12 years, prices have dropped to levels comparable to those of standard gas-engine cars, and you'd be hard-pressed to find an automaker that isn't working on some kind of hybrid. Even luxury makers like Bentley, Porsche and Ferrari are getting into the game.

Using fuel-efficient vehicles in conjunction with a GPS fleet management solution is the best way to get the most out of your fuel spend as possible. See how a fleet management solution can save more on fuel here.

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