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Provide Exceptional, Not Adequate, Customer Service

Posted on 04/03/2013 by AKilgore   |  0 Comments

These days, providing adequate customer service simply isn’t enough. As a business owner or manager, you need to go above and beyond to provide customer service that truly stands out.

Mike Micalowitz  lists ways to provide exceptional service in his article, “The 51 Best Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs.” NexTraq® picked our top 12 favorites to share with you.

1. Use active listening. One of the best experiences customers can have is to know they are understood. Listen to your customers. Let them know you have heard them by rephrasing and communicating what they have told you. This makes sure you and the customer are on the same page and lets customers know they’ve been heard. You both win!
2. Dump the script. The thing about scripts is that they can be memorized. You know the essence of what it is you need to say; now you need to customize it so that it addresses the needs and desires of your customer. The only way to do that is to listen and respond to the conversation at hand.
3. Please and thank you. Good manners will take you far in small business. Be a little ball of sunshine to your customers and let them know by the way you handle them that you value them. Thank them for calling. Be grateful for the opportunity to interact with your customers.
4. Go the extra mile. Always under promise and over deliver.
5. Train your team. Any member of your team who performs any client-facing activity, whether it’s delivering sales presentations or installing HVAC systems, should be trained in how to listen to, talk to and relate to your customers.
6. Remember names. All people want to feel like they matter. The quickest route to making someone feel valued is to remember their name.
7. Sow where you reap. Whenever possible and appropriate, buy from your customers. It facilitates trust.
8. Get feedback often. Customer feedback is invaluable. Whenever you talk to your customers, be sure to ask them what you can do to make their experience more enjoyable. Customer feedback has been known to change the way companies do business.
9. Solve their problems. It’s tempting to be more concerned with the products you’re peddling than the challenges your customers are facing. Listen to them so that you can provide solutions to their problems. Once you know and understand the problems, fix it for them. Therein lies your value.
10. Be quick or be dead. Respond quickly to customer issues, or lose the customer. That goes for delivering service as well. Respond and deliver the product or service as quickly as you can.
11. Take the high road. Angry emails happen. When they do, respond with grace and diplomacy and a touch of humility.
12. Be confident. When it comes to your products and services, you and your team are the authorities. Customers buy from who they believe in, so make sure that your team is trained in how to confidently and positively answer questions about your products and services.

NexTraq is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible to our customers. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat with one of our friendly representatives, give us a call at 800-358-6178 or visit our customer care page.


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