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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

Reduce Fleet Downtime with These 4 Tips

Posted on 12/06/2016 by Lisa Durrett  |  0 Comments

Reduce Fleet Downtime with These 4 Tips

Vehicle downtime—it’s a small business’ worst nightmare. Not only will your employees and customers be unhappy, but your bottom line will also be impacted from lost jobs and lost revenue. Any time a vehicle is out of commission—especially unplanned downtime—your business isn’t as efficient and profitable as it could be.

Show how can small businesses keep their fleets healthier and stay on the road longer? Here are four tips:


  1. Help your employees stay accountable: As much as downtime impacts your company’s downtime, it impacts your employees livelihood as well. Make them part of the solution by having them perform pre-and post-trip inspections and keep up with routine maintenance. The more employees care for the vehicles they drive, the more comfortable their job will be and the less likely they are to face downtime.
  2. Don’t overwork your vehicles: One sure way to put a fleet vehicle out of service is work it too hard. While vehicles don’t need rest in the same way humans do, they do need TLC to stay in shape. By monitoring bad driver behavior like hard breaking and acceleration, and being able to plan routes along roads that avoid rough surfaces and construction areas, you’ll cut down on vehicle wear and tear, and keep the vehicle out of the shop for unscheduled repairs.
  3. Be proactive about vehicle maintenance: Sometimes downtime is good downtime, and that’s the case with preventative maintenance. While maintenance puts your vehicles out of commission, you can schedule preventative maintenance during less busy seasons or—for smaller maintenance jobs—even during less busy times of day. Preventive maintenance is a must to keep your vehicles healthy and your drivers safe
  4. Know when it’s time to say goodbye: When does it make sense financially to turn in a vehicle before repairs become excessive and a necessity? The higher mileage and age of the vehicle, the more likely  (and expensive) it is to break down. Additionally, repair time tends to increase with older vehicles, keeping them off the road longer. If a vehicle is out of service more than it’s in service, it’s probably time to trade it in.

Learn more about how a GPS fleet tracking solution can help you simplify your vehicle maintenance.


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