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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

Reducing Fuel Costs with Online Fleet Management

Posted on 02/07/2017 by Lisa Durrett  |  0 Comments

Reducing Fuel Costs with Online Fleet Management

If you rely on a fleet of trucks or other vehicles to deliver your goods or services, then you know that feeling of watching the rise and fall of fuel prices with your heart in your throat. Every penny counts. The good news is that managing small fleets can be a whole lot easier and cost effective with an online fleet management system. When it comes to fuel costs, online fleet tracking can save you money in a variety of ways.

Effective route management 

GPS vehicle tracking via a fleet management solution is sort of a no-brainer. Its most obvious benefit is helping people get where they are going without getting lost. But today’s systems are more sophisticated than that, offering the ability to navigate around traffic and construction delays, accidents, and even weather-related issues. The ability to avoid situations that result in stop and start driving, excessive idling and other fuel-wasting conditions will cut down significantly on needless, costly expenses.

Monitoring driver behavior

This is a big one. Real-time vehicle tracking gives you the ability to monitor a variety of driver behaviors that can contribute to excess fuel consumption. With instant access to data, you’ll be able to detect issues before they become chronic problems, and help your drivers improve their performance without major conflicts or costs. Here are a few examples: 

  1. Wasteful driving behaviors - Speeding and excessive braking go hand in hand. While they are not technically dangerous, they do indicate a certain amount of impatience and result in inefficient burning of fuel. Your drivers may need to learn a few relaxation skills to help them establish a new normal, but in the end, you’ll all benefit from a calmer, more consistent pace.
  2. Risky driving behaviors - Reckless driving is of course, another story. Take the wasteful behaviors mentioned above and jack them up with too much coffee and perhaps a bit of unchecked aggression, and you end up with tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, jumping red lights and other poor choices, all of which can lead to needless accidents.
  3. Excess idling - Perhaps your drivers are in the habit of keeping their trucks running while they make deliveries or take breaks. Depending on the season, this may also include keeping the heat or air conditioning going. This type of behavior, if it becomes excessive, will cost you untold extra dollars, not to mention time that could be used more efficiently. Today’s GPS fleet tracking systems give you the ability to monitor your vehicles during off-road usage, allowing you to work with your drivers to set reasonable boundaries to their breaks and cut down on wasteful fuel consumption.
  4. Unauthorized vehicle usage - When you track your trucks online, you’ll be able to spot unauthorized routes or usage outside your usual service and delivery zones. You’ll even be able to create a geo-fence and receive alerts when its boundaries are crossed. This is just another way that a good GPS vehicle tracking system can help you ensure greater control over your fleet and cut fuel costs in the process.

With current technology, there’s no longer any excuse to throw money out the window on costly, wasteful behaviors. Even if you’re out on the road yourself, you’ll still be able to monitor your vehicles with a fleet tracking app, included with most of today’s fleet management systems. 

Contact us today for more information on how you can start saving money with the best solution for tracking vehicles for small or local businesses—online fleet management with NexTraq!


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