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All things fleet tracking – industry news and best practices

To Change Your Vehicles’ Oil or Not?

Posted on 07/19/2013 by AKilgore   |  0 Comments

To Change Your Vehicles’ Oil or Not?

 Have you ever wondered what would happen if you never changed the oil in your fleet of vehicles? Is it really that important? Oil in an engine is like water to humans, it’s essential. Without these essentials, someone or something isn’t going to be able to survive.

Why is oil important? Well, oil acts as a lubricant in your engine, allowing metal to press against metal without damage. For example, oil lubricates the pistons as they move up and down in the cylinders. Take away the oil and the metal-on-metal friction would create unbearable heat, eventually welding the surfaces together and forcing the engine to seize—which isn’t good, especially when your business relies on your drivers getting to and from job sites.

So, let’s say that your vehicles have plenty of oil. What would happen if you never changed it? According to, two things will certainly happen:

  1. Dirt will accumulate in the oil. For a while, the filter will remove the dirt, but will eventually clog, causing the dirty oil to automatically bypass the filter through a relief valve. Dirty oil = thick and abrasive, which means it will cause more wear.
  2. Additives in the oil like detergents, dispersants, rust-fighters and friction reducers will wear out, causing the oil not to lubricate as well as it should. As the oil gets dirtier and dirtier, eventually it will stop lubricating and the engine will quickly wear and fail.

The moral of the story is that the oil in your vehicles has to be changed in order for them to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And while it may be difficult keeping up with all of your vehicles’ maintenance needs, a GPS fleet tracking solution can help. With a GPS fleet tracking solution and vehicle maintenance module, you can ensure all of your vehicles get the service they need—including oil changes.  Taking a proactive approach to preventative maintenance will not only help improve your vehicles’ lifespan, it will help lower repair and fuel costs, increase productivity and keep your drivers safe.


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