With NexTraq, You Can:

When the going gets tough, don’t pull the plug.

It’s not easy running an electrical services business. In fact, it can be stressful.  As an electrical contractor, it’s hard not to worry about the safety of your electricians or your most valuable assets. But at the end of the day, you do still have a business to run, vehicles to maintain and employees to manage.

Feeling overwhelmed? You shouldn’t be.

With the NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking platform, you can monitor driver behavior and keep your high-value tools under tight surveillance.  With our Asset Trackers providing updates as frequent as every two minutes, you can rest assured knowing that your electrical equipment is safe and sound.

And while electrical work can be dangerous, so is irresponsible driving. With NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking solution, you can make sure your employees are obeying the rules of the road, reducing the risk of an accident and lowering liability

That’s not all. With NexTraq’s ClearPath routing technology, you can create the most efficient routes for your drivers. Not only will this minimize time spent on driving, reducing fuel consumption, but your drivers will also complete more jobs in day, increasing your business’ service revenue.

Customer Success Stories

  • Assurance Power Systems: Generac distributor and electrical services company uses the Idle Report, Posted Speed Alert and Maintenance Schedule Report to reduce fuel costs.
  • Premium Electric Company: Full-service residential, commercial and industrial electrical company tracks fleet throughout large metro Detroit area.
  • Critical Power Solutions: Preventive maintenance service company recovers 15 percent of revenue with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform using the Alerts functionality to accurately track technicans' time on the job.

Industry Event:

NECA 2012
September 29 - October 2, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Booth # 840