With NexTraq, You Can:

Reduce Fuel Costs

When it comes to the cost of your electrical equipment and your fleet’s fuel usage, it’s safe to say that you’re more concerned over your equipment’s cost than how much money your employees spend at the pump.

But for every 30 minutes your drivers idle their vehicles, did you know one-tenth of a gallon of fuel is wasted? Or that driving behaviors like speeding can significantly waste fuel? That’s wasted money coming directly from your pocket.

But what if you could see how much fuel your vehicles were using? With the NexTraq® Fleet Tracking solution, you can.

With our Idle Report, you can see how much gas your employees are wasting when they sit with the engine running. And if you think your drivers are speeding, create Speed Alerts to identify your aggressive drivers and hold them responsible.

With NexTraq, you can reduce your fuel costs and save money at the gas pump by:

• Monitoring excessive idling with the Idle Report
• Tracking aggressive drivers with Speed Alerts
• Setting up Posted Speed Alerts