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An ongoing story of design innovation and industry firsts

NexTraq® began as a small office in the Buckhead community of Atlanta in 2000 when a group of entrepreneurs decided to enter the new and developing telematics industry. Since that time, NexTraq has become a leader in the GPS fleet tracking industry and a company that prides itself on forward thinking innovations.


2000 – NexTraq is founded, starting with approximately 10 employees in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, Georgia. Founders shared an office with our private equity investor, but soon grew out of the shared space.

2001 – NexTraq continues to grow, doubling the amount of employees. Further enhancements are made to the MARCUS web application.

2002 – Outgrowing the Buckhead offices, NexTraq moves headquarters to Roswell to keep up with the market demands of the growing telematics industry.

2003 – NexTraq releases version 4 of the MARCUS web application. MARCUS is a user-friendly web interface used to report vehicle data. The application will report vehicle start/stop time, idle time and can let a company know if their drivers are speeding.

2004 – With the release of MARCUS version 5, NexTraq builds out the solution with additional reporting and alert capabilities. These capabilities give customers the ability to set goals and benchmarks vastly improving their fleet operations.

2005 – NexTraq becomes the first in the industry to integrate a GPRS device with a web application. In the same year, NexTraq also released the Web Services offering and the sixth version of the MARCUS web application.

2006 – NexTraq is the first to market with two-minute reporting, which was released with the development of the company’s proprietary GPRS hardware. NexTraq is now producing its own equipment, making it a completely North American-based company and more responsive to market changes and customer needs.

2007 – NexTraq is the first to offer a mobile-compatible website, making it easier for users to access important fleet information on the go. Through aggressive research and development, NexTraq also produces the second generation of its GPRS hardware.

2008 – As NexTraq grows, it stands out further and further as an industry leader, bringing more “firsts” to the table: The first to integrate Google® Maps - including satellite imagery, street and traffic view; The first to offer 32-point geofencing; The first to integrate a Personal Navigation Device (Garmin®) into a dispatch application after the release of the NexTraq Dispatch™ application, MARCUS Drive.

2009 – NexTraq is the first company in the telematics industry to integrate Skype with its applications, enabling a company to connect instantly with a driver through their computer. NexTraq also introduces the RSS news feed for MARCUS and the Merchant Layer application.

2010 – NexTraq releases Fleet Metrics™, an executive dashboard, allowing businesses to more efficiently track the data that is most important to them. Additionally, the NexTraq solution has the ability to send multiple map points at one time to a device, along with other enhancements to the Fleet Dispatch application such as route comparison and geo-location grouping.

2011 – NexTraq is the first to offer one-minute reporting, 12-month data retention and add map layers, giving the most up-to-date information to its customers. As the company grows, it also releases the VT-2200 hardware and its first CDMA device.

2012 – NexTraq receives an award as a “TAG Top 10 Technology Company in Georgia,” is selected as one of the “Top Places to Work” by The Atlanta Journal Constitution and is a finalist for a B2B Visual Branding “AMY” Award by the American Marketing Association.

2013 – NexTraq is acquired by FleetCor Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of fuel cards and workforce payment products to businesses. Also in 2013, NexTraq receives the Innovation Award at the AHR Expo and introduces several new products such as its mobile app, NexTraq Connect™, a drag-and-drop job scheduling board and NexTraq DriveGuard™, an award-winning distracted driving solution.

2017 – Michelin North America completed the acquisition of NexTraq, LLC on July 17. The company will now become part of Michelin's Global Services and Solutions Business line. NexTraq offers the best-in-class GPS fleet, tracking and workforce management solutions, providing synergies with Michelin's Global Services business. NexTraq's impressive portfolio of world-class products and innovations match Michelin's vision: "A better way forward." 


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