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NexTraq White Papers

Valuable GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management information to make informed decisions

Here you will find a collection of white papers that address GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Our white papers were created with the reader in mind so whether you are looking for the benefits our solutions can provide your business or a more technical overview of our solutions, we've got you covered. Please check back regularly for new content that keeps you informed.

 5 Expensive Mistakes Costing You at the Pump:
The 5 ways businesses unknowingly waste fuel and how fleet tracking can help reduce fuel consumption and costs.

 5 Ways to Get Control of Your Fuel Spend
The 5 benefits of fleet tracking that provide significant savings on fuel costs.

 Best Practices for Improving Customer Service
How to win more business, make a positive first impression and deliver superior customer service.

 Best Practices for Improving Driver Safety
Costs associated with unsafe driving and how implementing a comprehensive safety program can improve driver safety.

 Five Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption Using GPS Tracking
How to reduce fuel costs by minimizing engine idle time, monitoring speeds, optimizing routes, maintaining accurate records and proactively servicing vehicles with fleet tracking.

 GPS Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide
A guide that helps fleet managers to determine whether fleet tracking is the right fit for their business.

 Maximizing Revenue by Benchmarking Fleet Metrics with Effective Reporting
The ability to generate reports and high-level KPIs against service fleet activity can help to optimize fleet operations, modify driver behavior and increase customer service levels.

 Solving the Productivity Dilemma with GPS Fleet Management Technology
How fleet tracking technology can help businesses get more jobs done in a day and improve payroll accuracy.

 Top Five Fleet Tracking Benefits for the Electrical Industry
How electrical businesses can improve fleet efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue with fleet tracking.

 Top Five Fleet Tracking Benefits for the EMS Industry
How fleet tracking can help the EMS industry provide better patient care while reducing overhead costs, including fuel, maintenance and insure.

 Top Five Fleet Tracking Benefits for the HVAC Industry
How fleet tracking can help HVAC companies provide great customer service while cutting costs and increasing revenue.

 Top Five Fleet Tracking Benefits for the Landscaping Industry
How fleet tracking can help landscaping businesses protect assets from theft while reducing overhead costs such as fuel, maintenance, labor and insurance.

 Reducing Overhead Costs While Increasing Service Revenue
How to reduce payroll, fuel, maintenance and insurance costs while improving productivity and efficiency with GPS fleet tracking.

 Improving Customer Service with NexTraq
How a fleet tracking solution and efficient routing capabilities can help field employees provide accurate ETAs.

 Improving Driver Safety with GPS Fleet Tracking Technology
How to reduce distracted and aggressive driving and implement training courses with fleet tracking.

 Real Results. Rapid ROI.
How service businesses can experience cost-saving benefits and achieve ROI quickly with fleet tracking.

 Fleet Tracking Benefits for the Government Sector
How fleet tracking technology can help government agencies maintain expenses and stay within a management budget.


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