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NexTraq’s Elog Solution Delivers The Power of Compliance

Simple, easy-to-use solution for recording HOS and Driver Inspections

With the Hours of Service regulations in full effect, safety and compliance are vital. As road safety legislation moves forward, roadside inspections will continue to increase. Paper logs can lead to inaccuracies which can result in potential fines and loss of business productivity.  What can businesses do to reduce error, simplify processes and ensure compliance?

NexTraq® Elogs provides an integrated driver monitoring system to help businesses easily manage driver hours and inspections and stay FMCSA compliant. With this automated solution, drivers no longer have to manually record their hours and keep track of paper logs, helping them save time and stay productive. Fleet managers can ensure hours and inspections are being logged accurately, eliminating potential fines, preventing accidents and providing further peace of mind. 

  • Keep data secure with an in-cab, ruggedized tablet solution
  • Easily record inspection data with an integrated electronic DVIR
  • Collect movement, speed and odometer readings from ECM
  • Take advantage of the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution with added compliance functionality

Single solution for ELD mandate…

NexTraq Elogs is fully compliant with the ELD final rule and helps to improve fleet-wide efficiency with a fully integrated fleet tracking solution

Benefits of NexTraq Elogs include: 

  • Meets federal ELD requirements  
  • Eliminate paper logs and streamline processes
  • Accurately track driver hours and vehicle inspection data
  • Ensure responsible driving and reduce  violations

 Dedicated HOS Tablet…

NexTraq Elogs includes a ruggedized, tamper-proof Android tablet which can only be used for HOS functionality, This helps prevents driver distraction and lost productivity due to other available features in a regular tablet. 

NexTraq’s dedicated HOS tablet provides many benefits, including: 

  • Ruggedized, tamper proof tablet, dedicated for hours of service logging.
  • Real time visual graphics to notify drivers of remaining drive time with audio alert notification.

Hardwired solution delivers more…

NexTraq Elogs is a hardwired solution, ensuring it will always be reliable while also preventing tampering options from malicious users. NexTraq  Elogs is also fully integrated with the award winning NexTraq Fleet Management Solution. 

  • Integrated HOS portal with the NexTraq web application to manage all fleet operation from one screen
  • Control fuel spend with free fuel card integration and comprehensive fuel management solution 
  • Enhanced visibility of real-time location of mobile workers and improve productivity

Click here to learn more about NexTraq Elogs

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