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Job Schedule Board image Job Schedule Board icon

Create, view and assign jobs – all from one screen.

The NexTraq® Job Schedule Board is another industry first from NexTraq and is exclusive to the NexTraq Solution. It provides simple drag-and-drop scheduling and employee assignments. It allows you to quickly create and assign jobs, as well as view the status of jobs - all from one screen.

The Job Schedule Board improves dispatcher efficiency, increases productivity of field employees and enhances customer satisfaction. It lets you see all pending jobs and appointments as well as the availability of your employees and the status of the jobs in their queue. This makes it simple to schedule new jobs at the right time for the right person.

  • Edit and create jobs from the job scheduling calendar
  • View a list of unassigned jobs for drag-and-drop scheduling
  • See employee availability and job status changes in real time
  • Dispatch jobs to Garmin PNDs and the NexTraq Connect™ mobile app

Video of the NexTraq Job Schedule Board

Take a minute and see how can help your business.

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Video Transcript

Job Schedule Board

Out with the Old and In with the New Job Schedule Board

Meet Dan. He’s a service business owner. To organize and schedule important jobs and appointments for his employees, Dan uses a whiteboard and other calendaring applications. If you ask Dan how this process is working for him, he will say, “I spend too much time trying to figure out who is available for a job at a certain time, on a certain day.” And what Dan doesn’t know is that these manual methods lead to wasted time scheduling, missed appointments, and can contribute to diminished customer service.

Now, let’s meet George. He uses the NexTraq Job Schedule Board to organize and schedule his employees’ jobs and appointments. So..what is the NexTraq Job Schedule Board? It’s a drag and drop scheduler that let’s George see all his pending jobs, work orders and appointments as well as driver and worker availability—all in one place. And that’s not all. NexTraq’s simple and easy-to-use scheduler let’s George:

  • Create and Schedule Jobs
  • See in real-time when a status changes
  • Access Detailed and Summary Job Reports
  • With the click of a button, George can keep his jobs and employee schedules front, center and under control while:
  • Streamlining his business operations
  • Improving his fleet productivity
  • Increasing his service revenue
  • Boosting his customer satisfaction

If you ask Dan how his processes are working in comparison to George and he will say,“ Goodbye manual processes..hello Job Schedule Board.”

Start working smarter, not harder..with NexTraq.

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Fuel Management

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Elogs ELD Hours of Service Compliance

Elogs ELD Hours of Service


Measure. Manage. Improve.

Real-Time Alerts

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Multi-stop routing made easy.

Job Schedule Board

Simple scheduling for a smarter workforce.

Automatic Driver Assignment

Know who's behind the wheel.

Asset Tracking

Track anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Driver Behavior

Keep your drivers – and your business – safe.

Web Services

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Prolong the life of your vehicles.


The smartest map on the planet.

Metrics Dashboard

Track your goals on a single screen.


The most reliable devices in the industry.


Connect NexTraq to QuickBooks and other software.

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Create better drivers for a safer workforce.

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