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Maintenance image Maintenance icon

Prevent costly repairs and improve fleet productivity.

Maintenance is one of the most significant costs associated with any fleet. It’s important to stay ahead of potential vehicle issues which can lead to bigger costs if not corrected on time. Fleet managers have to perform a balancing act of making sure equipment is maintained while allowing for maximum productivity.  By staying on top of vehicle maintenance, you will save on the costs associated with vehicle breakdowns and employee downtime.  The NexTraq solution is designed to help make this challenging job easier.

NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics

NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics provides complete visibility and helps you maintain a healthy fleet. Along with scheduled maintenance alerts and reminders, NexTraq engine diagnostics helps reduce maintenance cost and prevent unforeseen breakdowns.

Use NexTraq engine diagnostics to cut costs and maintain your fleet

  • Eliminate manual data collection
  • Streamline preventative maintenance
  • Avoid expensive roadside breakdowns
  • Control repair and replacement costs
  • Extend the life of your vehicles

Get the data you need to manage your fleet more efficiently. NexTraq monitors the ECU of the vehicle so you are able to streamline maintenance, control repair costs, and reduce the risk of roadside breakdowns.

NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module

The NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module helps you extend the life of your vehicles with maintenance schedules, logs and reports and ensures all your vehicles get the service they need. Properly managing vehicle maintenance helps to optimize your vehicles and keeps them running at their most fuel efficient levels.

NexTraq’s easy-to-use maintenance schedules help take the guesswork out of serving your vehicles and lets you maximize your assets by ensuring preventive upkeep is occurring consistently and on schedule.

Our maintenance logs allow you to track vehicle maintenance and view details of services performed to ensure policies are being followed and met.

  • Automate maintenance schedules
  • Receive an alert if needed repairs are overdue
  • Stay informed with logs and reports

Tracking preemptive maintenance means healthier vehicles, lower fuel and repair costs and more employees getting their work done on any given day.

NexTraq & Fleetio

The power of integration
Your NexTraq fleet management solution is now even better with newly available Fleetio integration. Fleetio helps fleets of all sizes stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime, simplify management of driver records and assignments and share responsibilities and data among team members. Fleetio offers simple and comprehensive management of day-to-day fleet operations.

Flexible Integration
With this newest integration, NexTraq will automatically update the current odometer reading once per day for each Fleetio mapped vehicle , providing a significant timesaver in getting meter updates. By combing the strengths of both solutions, users are able to maintain the most up-to-date fleet data and maintenance schedules.

NexTraq users can save time through automation, keep maintenance triggers up-to-date, monitor and resolve diagnostic issues and ensure data integrity in addition simply by integration your NexTraq solution with Fleetio.

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Related case study:

Columbus Water Works Fleet Tracking Case Study

Combined water utility company increases preventive maintenance work order scheduling by 25 percent, proactively reducing vehicle downtime. Additionally, with our fleet tracking technology, it increased driver productivity by 15 percent.

Read the full case study  

Columbus Water Works Increases Driver Productivity by 15 Percent with

Combined water utility company increases preventive maintenance orders by 25 percent, proactively reducing vehicle downtime.


Established in 1903, Columbus Water Works, a combined utility company that provides drinking water and waste water services as well as CSO services, has a large fleet of vehicles throughout various departments. Columbus Water Works needed to be able to track and manage their vehicles that provide service to more than 230,000 residents in a 250 mile area. Additionally, Columbus Water Works also services the nearby Ft. Benning military base.


Columbus Water Works selected the NexTraq Fleet Tracking™ platform after looking at several solutions due to its ease of use and robust functionality. Joey Murphy, Vice President of Finance and Customer Service for Columbus Water Works, said, “The NexTraq platform was very intuitive and provided all the ‘bells and whistles’ we were looking for in a solution. Additionally, we really liked the idling and routing functionality available.” Columbus Water Works proceeded with a pilot program and now has the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform on all 133 vehicles in its fleet.


Originally, purchased to respond quickly to customer requests, the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform proved to be a valuable tool to increase customer satisfaction. Murphy, said, “Being able to establish the closest vehicle to a customer service call enabled all of our groups – reading, meter and sewer - to respond quickly through a simple message from our dispatcher.”

According to Jason Jay, Asset Manager for Columbus Water Works, “We have improved driver productivity by 15 percent with by being able to quickly communicate to the closest driver to a service call.”

However, the greatest benefit to Columbus Water Works has been a 25 percent increase in preventive maintenance tickets. Their fleet manager gets an automated email notification every time a vehicle is due for maintenance. Murphy, said, “Our fleet manager was the extremely happy when we implemented this feature as he has less vehicle downtime resulting in a more productive fleet operation.”

Additionally, Murphy says the implementation and training process was seamless. Adds Jay, “Once the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform was implemented, it took less than a day before we starting running reports. We also have never had a problem with system availability; the NexTraq platform is just that reliable.”

Murphy concludes, “Some of the more surprising benefits were risk management and safety issues. We can know reduce liability if we can prove where a vehicle is located. Moreover, as a steward the community, we ensure that our drivers adhere to any and every traffic law by tracking speeding and monitoring driver behavior.”

video of the NexTraq solution

Take a minute and see how can help your business.

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Video Transcript

Fleet Tracking

So You Think We Just Do Fleet Tracking

When you think of fleet tracking, what comes to mind? The image of it being too “big brother” right? Not to burst your imaginary bubble of your drivers protesting the idea of a fleet tracking device in their vehicles but… there is more to fleet tracking that just tracking, you know.

For instance, revenue. What about revenue? Well , a fleet tracking solution can help you increase your revenue. How? Let’s say you have a fleet of 5 vehicles, spread out all over town. Your GPS fleet tracking solution can help your drivers complete more jobs in a day with features like dispatch, route optimization, turn-by-turn directions and more.  Completing more jobs in day, increases productivity, ultimately increasing your service revenue. And when you provide your customers with quality of service, you can add their repeat business to your bottom line.

And then there’s the cost of business hanging over your head: fuel, maintenance, worker productivity and insurance. In a down economy, lowering these overhead costs can feel like mission impossible.  But with a fleet management solution, you can turn mission impossible into mission accomplished. How?
Let’s start with fuel.

  • Fuel –  it’s the one overhead expense that nobody can avoid, especially with the rising price per Gallon. However, there are ways to reduce this cost. Running an Idle Report on your fleet of vehicles can help you dramatically reduce your fuel consumption as well as emissions. Additionally, using an automated efficient routing tool, which takes all the locations and stops in a vehicles route and orders them by the shortest overall distance, can get your employees to their jobs quickly, saving time and money.

    Speaking of money…
  • Maintenance – automating your maintenance schedules will save considerable amounts of money in the long run. Not only will you proactively get your vehicles in for service when they need it, but you avoid the more expensive repairs that come from lack of service. Proactive maintenance means healthier vehicles and a fleet of healthy vehicles means more employees getting their work done any given day, increasing your bottom line.
  • Worker productivity – But let’s get back to your employees for a second.  You trust that they are doing their job during business hours. But how do you know? With GPS fleet tracking, you can monitor your employees’ productivity to make sure that they are arriving on time and that all jobs are completed each day.  Not only that, you can validate your employees’ hours, gaining accurate labor costs.

    And lastly, there’s your insurance. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a discount on your insurance premiums? Implement a fleet tracking solution into your business processes and you can.
  • Insurance – Think about it: if you know where your vehicles are at all times and how fast they are driving and what they are doing, you are going to be a much safer bet for an insurance company.

At NexTraq, tracking is just a feature. Providing Value—it’s what we do.

Fleet Tracking

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Fuel Management

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Elogs ELD Hours of Service Compliance

Elogs ELD Hours of Service


Measure. Manage. Improve.

Real-Time Alerts

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Multi-stop routing made easy.

Job Schedule Board

Simple scheduling for a smarter workforce.

Automatic Driver Assignment

Know who's behind the wheel.

Asset Tracking

Track anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Driver Behavior

Keep your drivers – and your business – safe.

Web Services

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Prolong the life of your vehicles.


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Online Driver Education

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