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June 19, 2014
Tech Topic: Software
Reeves Journal
Whether a business has a fleet of two or 200 vehicles, software-as-a-service telematics platforms that can provide tangible and actionable data to improve fleet operations, increase efficiency and reduce company costs are available.

June 17, 2014
Keep Construction Costs Down and Productivity Up With GPS Fleet Tracking
Construction Executive
GPS fleet tracking technology can help contractors more efficiently coordinate and manage construction projects while increasing service revenue and decreasing operational costs.

June 09, 2014
How to Reduce Fuel Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking
Construction Business Owner
Advances in fleet tracking technology allow companies to manage all aspects of fuel usage and spend.

May 22, 2014
Using Technology to Augment Driver Safety
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Implementing a fleet tracking solution can help fleet managers to monitor speeding, cornering, rapid acceleration and harsh braking for their entire fleet.

May 22, 2014
Score One for Safety
North American Oil and Gas Pipelines
Fleet managers and business owners in the oil and gas industry can utilize GPS fleet tracking technology to improve all aspects of employee safety.

May 22, 2014
Staying on Track
Storm Water Solutions
Business managers in the street and sewer cleaning business must be concerned with asset management and monitoring vehicles to ensure productivity, efficiency and safety.

May 19, 2014
GPS Tracking Expands Remote Monitoring Benefits to Trucks
Vending Times
Daniel Valentine, NexTraq's Director of Marketing, discusses how the vending industry can benefit from GPS fleet tracking technology.

May 02, 2014
Using GPS Fleet Tracking to Reduce Fuel Costs
Tech Trends - Construction Executive
Daniel Valentine, NexTraq's Director of Marketing, discusses how construction businesses can reduce fuel costs with GPS fleet tracking technology in the Tech Trends eNewsletter from Construction Executive.

April 16, 2014
GPS Enables Mobile Worker Productivity Improvements
Field Technologies Online
Tammy Dunbar of Maid Brigade of Chicago discusses how the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution has helped the franchise to verify employee hours and improve communication with staff.

March 19, 2014
Why and How to Use GPS-Based Fleet Tracking
Construction Executive
Wyn Partington, NexTraq's Vice President of Marketing, discusses how GPS fleet and asset tracking technology can help construction businesses increase productivity and efficiency while preventing theft.

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