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Press Release

August 07, 2013

American Leak Detection of Fresno Improves Fleet Efficiency by 100% with NexTraq Fleet Tracking Telematics Solution

Leak detection company implements GPS fleet tracking solution to locate technicians and dispatch jobs efficiently

NexTraq®, the leading GPS fleet tracking telematics and asset management company, announced today that its client, American Leak Detection of Fresno, was able to improve communication between the office and field while increasing operational efficiency with the NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking  solution and its Fleet Dispatch™ application.

After hearing positive reviews about NexTraq from its corporate office, American Leak Detection of Fresno decided to implement the NexTraq Fleet Tracking telematics solution. Linsey Arbogast, Fleet Operations Manager for American Leak Detection of Fresno, said, “Training and implementation was easy and the installation process was very convenient. We’ve had no difficulties at all.”

Since utilizing the NexTraq solution, American Leak Detection of Fresno has experienced a 100% improvement in fleet efficiency. Arbogast notes that the ability to locate and monitor technicians has been the top business benefit. She said, “We were having issues trying to locate our guys in an efficient manner. Now, I can quickly pull up their locations and stay on top of jobs.”

Additionally, American Leak Detection of Fresno has improved communication between the office and field with the Fleet Dispatch application. Being able to send jobs to drivers using various methods has helped the company to simplify the dispatching process. Arbogast said, “I can send jobs to all three of the guys through email, phone or the Garmin® itself.”

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, “We wanted to develop a solution that would make the dispatching process easier. Instead of having to manually schedule jobs and call the drivers for updates, our customers can schedule, assign and send jobs right from our application. It’s a great tool to help dispatchers and drivers stay connected throughout the day.” 

Arbogast notes that the ability to monitor driver and vehicle activity has helped to improve driver safety, increase productivity and reduce fuel costs. She said, “Being able to see if the guys are speeding or idling has been very beneficial. I also like the fact that I can see when the drivers start their workday and how long a vehicle has been stopped at a location.”

Arbogast concludes, “Our experience with NexTraq has been extremely positive. The NexTraq solution has worked perfectly since we implemented it and everyone has been very nice and helpful.”

For more information on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking telematics solution and its applications – Fleet Metrics™, Fleet Dispatch™ and NexTraq Connect™ – please visit or call 800.794.2738.

About American Leak Detection of Fresno
With a blend of expert specialists, American Leak Detection of Fresno is a leading provider of residential, commercial and municipal leak detection services. With its extensive training programs, state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to customer service, American Leak Detection of Fresno has saved its customers millions of dollars and billions of gallons of water. For more information, visit

About NexTraq
Established in 2000, NexTraq® provides the most advanced GPS fleet tracking and fleet management technology in the telematics industry. NexTraq offers an innovative and cost-effective solution that helps service and distribution businesses efficiently manage their day-to-day fleet related activities while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue. Based in Atlanta, NexTraq customers achieve ROI in as little as one month. For more information, please visit


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