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Press Release

February 13, 2013

Millersburg Electric Improves Response Times and Arrivals

Premier Generac dealer and electrical services company increases fleet efficiency while improving customer relations

NexTraq, a leading GPS fleet tracking and fleet management company, announced today that its client, Millersburg Electric, was able to improve its fleet efficiency while improving customer relations with the NexTraq® GPS Fleet Tracking solution.

After a year of researching fleet tracking solutions, Kerry Taylor, President of Millersburg Electric, became interested in the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution after being referred by Generac. Taylor said, “Generac’s positive review of the system is what prompted me to really look into what NexTraq had to offer. We ended up selecting the NexTraq solution because of its proven track record and affordable pricing.”

Since implementing the NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking solution, Millersburg Electric has increased fleet efficiency while improving customer relations. “The ability to remove frustration with our dispatchers and monitor our technician’s locations has really made an impact on our business, saving on fleet-related costs and improving our customer service,” Taylor said. “We are able to respond faster and provide our customers with a more accurate ETA.” 

The NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution has also proven to be essential when responding to emergency situations. Taylor said, “Back in June 2012, we experienced a line of destructive storms that left the city with long-term and extreme power outages. The NexTraq solution was an invaluable resource that enabled our crew to respond quickly to customer needs related to the operation and repair of their standby generators.”

Additionally, with the ability to monitor his fleet’s activities, Taylor found that the level of accountability increased. “I already have a loyal workforce, but having the ability to monitor their activity has encouraged them to maintain their loyalty and more importantly, their efficiency.”

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, “Having a productive workforce is key to a business’s success. With the NexTraq solution, our customers gain greater visibility into their fleet’s activity, allowing them to pinpoint inefficiencies and make dramatic improvements.”

Taylor concludes, “The NexTraq solution is an excellent tool that makes you more efficient and improves customer relations. I guarantee it has made us more efficient.”

For more information on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution and its applications –Fleet Metrics™, Fleet Dispatch™ and NexTraq Connect™ – please visit or call 800.358.6178

About Millersburg Electric
Established in 1945, Millersburg Electric, Ohio’s #1 Generac independent dealer has been providing the area with brand name appliances, consumer electronics and electrical services. With nearly 2000 Generac Stand-by generator installations in the last 8 years, Millersburg Electric offers their sales expertise to ensure that you get the proper generator for your home, business or farm. Their factory trained installers and service technicians work hard to ensure satisfaction and years of quality service from its stand-by generator. Their staff of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals takes pride in providing outstanding, personalized service to their customers and their community. For more information, visit

About NexTraq
Established in 2000, NexTraq® provides the most advanced GPS fleet tracking and fleet management technology in the telematics industry.  NexTraq offers an innovative and cost-effective solution that helps service and distribution businesses efficiently manage their day-to-day fleet related activities while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.  Based in Atlanta, NexTraq customers achieve ROI in as little as one month.  For more information, please visit


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