Better Fleet Management

Know where your vehicles are and control costs

GPS fleet management solutions from NexTraq-a MICHELIN group company-can help you save money, time, and get more done with an easy to use set of tools.

  • See your vehicles on a map & check vehicle status so you know what’s happening on the road
  • Integrate fuel cards with NexTraq to track spending per vehicle or driver
  • Send the closest vehicles to a jobsite or service call to optimize performance

Our software gives you a better picture of what’s going on with your fleet so you can make smarter decisions and get the most out of your fleet. Submit the form and we’ll schedule a quick call to show you how NexTraq helps reduce overhead, maximize productivity, and improve customer service.

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Know the location of a single vehicle, a group of trucks or your entire fleet.


Satellite- and cellular-based GPS tracking helps protect against loss or theft.


Create virtual boundaries around jobsites, vendors, customer locations and more.

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