Cable & Telecom

Installation, service and corporate vehicles, trailered equipment.

In the cable and telecommunications industry, the level of customer service that you deliver can quickly separate you from the competition. The right fleet management solution from NexTraq can help give you the clear advantage.

NexTraq® Fleet DispatchTM simplifies scheduling and the assignment of jobs, and gives you the ability to communicate in the field:

  • Gives your drivers and workers the information they need to respond to changing situations.
  • Allows you to provide a more accurate ETAs for your customers.
  • Offers the type of service that gets noticed whenever assistance is needed again in the future.

Improve efficiency and productivity.

Using NexTraq’s Job Schedule Board with its all-in-one view of your jobs, and combining it with vehicle tracking and optimized routing, NexTraq can:

  • Reduce the time needed to get to your customer with routing that avoids potential traffic problems and delays.
  • Give you enhanced visibility with status updates on all your jobs in real time so you can quickly respond to issues before they become problems.
  • Ensure your teams have any tools or parts they may need by routing them to the closest vendor.

The time you save means saving money too as productivity increases, fuel costs drop and the chance for downtime is reduced. Add to that the ability to integrate data with your back-office systems for easy import and export, and you have a complete solution to help you work smarter and deliver the exceptional service your customers will remember.

“Without Internet or cable, people get cranky. So do I. That’s why we need vehicle tracking and routing. It helps reduce our service windows from all day to a few hours.”