Just-in-time delivery, shipping and receiving.

As a manufacturer, to stay top of mind with your customers, you have to stay on schedule. Whether that means getting raw materials to factories or getting finished products to stores, faster is always better. NexTraq has the solutions to keep your fleet on the move and on time.

Get a better handle on job assignments and scheduling with the NexTraq Job Schedule Board. Now you’ll have a view of all your jobs, all at once. Supported by our vehicle tracking and route optimization, you can plan better and work smarter:

  • Spot traffic problems and possible delays early to reroute drivers and save time
  • Receive status updates on your jobs in real time, giving you the flexibility to address issues as they arise
  • Use this up-to-date information to provide customers with reliable ETAs they can trust and use to accurately plan staffing

Our mobile apps—NexTraq® ViewTM and NexTraq® ConnectTM— provide access to the same data with a tablet or smartphone when you and your drivers are on the road, so you’re never far from the information you need.

Be proactive to prevent downtime.

Downtime is hard on your business, especially if you know it is preventable. NexTraq can help you be proactive, getting ahead of situations before they become problems:

  • Get maintenance reminders when service is coming up or overdue and eliminate surprises with NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics and the NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module.
  • Avoid safety issues, tickets, as well as higher insurance premium, when you use NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard and Online Driver Training to track driver behavior and correct it.
  • Meet the federal Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate using NexTraq® Elogs to monitor driver hours and reduce the chance of fines, penalties, and missed jobs

“There’s no breathing room anymore. No excuses. With just-in-time deliveries, the customer expects us to get their loads to the docks on time, period.”