New! NexTraq® Solar Asset Tracker™

Rugged, durable and long-lasting satellite-based asset tracking for virtually every industry.

The NexTraq® Solar Asset Tracker™ is ready to ship!

Designed to track trailers, cargo containers, heavy equipment, generators and more—the NexTraq Solar Asset Tracker is a superior choice for use within virtually any industry.

In addition, the NexTraq Solar Asset Trackers are certified by the U.S. Department of Defense for use in the harshest environments. That means the design and build is impact resistant and able to withstand harsh vibration.

Product highlights include a built-in solar panel used to recharge the battery helps ensure use in the field for up to 8 years and comprehensive monitoring at three tracks per day.

Plus, easy-to-use geofencing through the NexTraq Customer Portal makes the solar asset tracker from NexTraq among the most robust and user-friendly asset tracking solutions available on the market today.

Not only can these devices be used to track trailers, NexTraq’s solar asset tracker is intrinsically-safe. That means it is designed for use in hazardous environments in industries like the oil and gas sector.

If you have mobile assets you’d like to start tracking, let’s talk. NexTraq Solar Asset Trackers are simple to install, simple to set up and provide years of worry-free service.

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