Maxim Crane Works

Hi, I’m Nick Hiance. I’m the D.O.T. Specialist for Maxim Crane Works. We are the largest lifting company in the United States. We have about 2,400 units that have GPS on them and another 800 with ELDs. We have 50 branches across the country.

I work with NexTraq directly on a daily basis for all of our GPS and ELD needs.

Now that the federal government is regulating that we need to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) instead of paper logs. A lot of people were concerned about the transition.

NexTraq has made it easy with the technology that they have inside our cabs.

One of the great things about NexTraq and their ELD system is that we have some of our older drivers. Drivers who have been using paper logs for the last 20 years, who have flip phones and don’t use smartphones on a daily basis. Or don’t have a computer in their home.

I’ll show them how easy it is to use the NexTraq ELD system. Once they got with the NexTraq ELD system and they used it for a day or half a day they would say:

“I’m never going back to paper again. I was completely wrong about the ELD system. It’s simpler than paper. It’s easy. It tracks everything for me. I don’t have to do anything. It’s just there—it’s always working.”