Multi-stop routing made easy.

As fuel prices begin to rise once again, businesses that dispatch vehicles to multiple stops or service calls during the course of the day could be losing revenue due to inefficient fleet routing and planning. Unless they have a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking and mobile workforce management solution, they’re at risk of losing money at the pump.

With several vehicles and mobile assets on the road each day, managing dispatching and fleet routing can be incredibly challenging. And with the number of stops and the locations subject to change at any given moment, it is crucial to determine the order of stops to create the most efficient route.

If your vehicles are not using effective navigation, it can put additional wear and tear on your fleet, burn excess fuel, and drive up your costs.

NexTraq customers benefit from optimized fleet routing. This easy-to-use feature takes all locations and stops in a vehicle’s route, organizes them, then generates the best route.

With NexTraq mapping powered by Google Maps™, dispatchers can send optimized routes to their drivers’ in-vehicle Garmin® device or the NexTraq® ConnectTM mobile app.

Destinations and work tickets scheduled for each vehicle are communicated to the drivers through the GPS fleet tracking system to optimize the order of the destinations. This helps drivers to avoid traffic delays so they can efficiently navigate the roadways and improve productivity.

With NexTraq fleet routing, you can track your drivers throughout the day to cut down on unnecessary miles and prevent unnecessary fuel consumption to save significant time for dispatchers and drivers— while improving customer service, too.

And should work orders or driving conditions change throughout the day, fleet dispatchers can quickly communicate with drivers to ensure no job or opportunity gets missed.

With NexTraq fleet routing, you can start completing more jobs in one day, increasing service revenue and optimizing driver productivity. All while cutting fuel costs.

Here are a few examples of how you can benefit from fleet routing from NexTraq:

  • Simplify your fleet routing process with one-click functionality
  • Send optimized routes to an in-vehicle Garmin®device or the NexTraq® ConnectTM mobile app
  • Know where your fleet is and where it’s going at all times with GPS fleet tracking
  • Increase revenue by completing more jobs and adding additional stops during the day
  • Cut fuel costs and maximize driver time by creating the most efficient route
  • Reduce wear and tear on your fleet to prolong its lifespan and reduce your maintenance costs
  • Optimize fleet management operations to maximize productivity and improve customer service

“Better routing would save us time and money. We also need to know which routes are truck-friendly. We also want to improve response times.”