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NexTraq® Mobile Solutions provide the power of flexibility. Now you can work from home or manage from a distance with NexTraq mobile GPS tracking tools.

NexTraq® Mobile Solutions suite of apps enables you to manage your business and mobilize your workforce. NEW! NexTraq® View™ gives fleet supervisors the power to be more productive by providing intelligent, real time access to their fleet and employees in the field. Our award winning mobile application, NexTraq Connect™, gives you the tools you need to mobilize your workforce and allows them to stay connected from anywhere. NexTraq® Fleet Mobile™ allows managers to access important fleet data while in the field.

The Power of Real-Time Productivity

NexTraq View: Simple, Powerful, Connected

NexTraq® View™ is a powerful NEW tool that provides your supervisors with intelligent, real-time access to key information about your fleet and your drivers anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the field, in a meeting or traveling, now you can run your teams as efficiently from your smartphone or tablet as you do from your desktop.

   Download on the App Store    Download Android App

NexTraq® View™ is a powerful NEW tool that provides your supervisors with intelligent, real-time access to key information about your fleet and your drivers anytime, anywhere.  Whether you’re in the field, in a meeting or traveling, now you can run your teams as efficiently from your smartphone or tablet as you do from your desktop.

With NexTraq® View™, supervisors have direct access to the dashboard, live map and more.  All of this combines with the complete mapping and monitoring capabilities of the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution.

Now you can respond to customer needs faster and with improved accuracy. Save valuable time, improve your dispatching and increase customer satisfaction with real time tracking job status.  

Dashboard – FREE for NexTraq customers

The NexTraq View dashboard’s user friendly features, easy-to-read visuals and simple layout will help you run your fleet with incredible    efficiency.  

View’s dashboard allows you a real-time view of what’s going on in the field. Live status updates help you make intelligent business decisions and improve customer service. 

The View dashboard provides you with a live snapshot of your valuable assets and gives you access to your entire fleet with just a few clicks. 

  • Single click access to mobile locations on the map
  • Locate any driver in your mobile workforce  
  • Real Time status update to help monitor your fleet efficiently 

Locate – FREE for NexTraq customers

NexTraq View provides you instant visibility of your entire fleet and their activity based on driver, not just vehicle. With real-time updates accessible on your smartphone or tablet, you now have confidence in managing your     drivers, allowing you to increase productivity and improve operation efficiency. 

  • Visibility to your entire fleet on map based on their current locations
  • Filter the vehicles based on the driving status to analyze  overall efficiency 
  • Access live feed of a vehicle to get insight on driver information.
  • Contact drivers directly from the app to increase productivity.

Dispatch – Available with NexTraq’s Dispatch Package

Dispatching jobs has never been easier. With the NexTraq View app, you can assign jobs with the easy to use dispatch capability, saving time and improving productivity. 

  • View current job status and dispatch a job with just few clicks
  • Track details of jobs to  efficiently manage schedules
  • Live status updates on individual job status  
  • Send job notes and job details to employee via SMS or email directly from the app 

Learn more about NexTraq’s Dispatch Package

The Power of Staying Connected

NexTraq® View™ is the ideal companion app to NexTraq® Connect™, providing a comprehensive solution for job scheduling and dispatch. While NexTraq View enables fleet supervisors to manage resources efficiently, NexTraq Connect helps the workers in the field to improve productivity by receiving job updates and send status right from their mobile devices.

Download on the App Store          Download Android App

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The Power of Connectivity

NexTraq® Connect™: Accurate, Easy, Mobile

The New NexTraq® Connect™ Mobile app is a redesigned and enhanced version of the multiple award winning mobile app, with added features and functionality. It is designed for field employees to make them more efficient in their daily business activities. It allows your teams to record work hours, review time entries, manage jobs, navigate to the customer locations, assign vehicles, view vehicle history and MUCH more.

   Download on the App Store    Download Android App

NexTraq® Connect™ mobile app, winner of a Platinum AVA Digital Award for Mobile App for Business and an Editor’s Choice Award for Most Innovative Product at The World of Concrete, is designed to make both office and field employees more efficient in daily business activities. NexTraq Connect allows your team to log work hours, assign & receive jobs, find the easiest route to your customers and MUCH more.

Vehicle Information – FREE for NexTraq customers

Knowing what is going on with your vehicles allows you to stay productive and get more jobs done. NexTraq Connect lets you know select assignments to a particular vehicle, monitor vehicle maintenance and report problems.

  • Associate the right driver with the right vehicle
  • Report vehicle problems and maintenance issues
  • Map view with the location of the assigned vehicle and user’s current location

Time & Attendance – FREE for NexTraq customers

The NexTraq Connect turns smartphones and tablets into virtual time clocks. It empowers the user to manage their time efficiently and accurately.

  • Record start times, break times and end work times
  • Enter notes along with status changes to track events.
  • Access historical attendance data along with graphical view

Learn more about Time & Attendance

Workday – FREE for NexTraq customers

This new feature provides your employees all the tools they need to work efficiently, on one screen, making it easy and intuitive to use.

  • Time card provide one touch access to view and change status
  • View jobs and customer information on a map or in list form
  • Job status provide a graphical view of your daily jobs*
  • Current job section provides job details with one click option to change status*

*require NexTraq’s Dispatch Package

Job Information & Schedules – Available with NexTraq’s Dispatch Package  

Job scheduling with NexTraq Connect not only improves communications between the office and the field, it lets employees view the specifics of a job so they can work more efficiently and improve the customer experience.

  • Receive detailed job information
  • View jobs and customer information with sorting capabilities
  • Navigate directly to job sites
  • Update job status changes in real time

Learn more about NexTraq’s Dispatch Package

Download on the App Store          Download Android App

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NexTraq Fleet Mobile

Our native app works on any device with Internet browser capabilities. It allows managers to access important fleet data while in the field and gives them direct access to the mapping and monitoring capabilities of the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution.

  • Locate and view the status of vehicles
  • Find locations and addresses
  • Pinpoint closest vehicles
  • View and record fuel purchases

Related case study:

Wicker Building Supply Fleet Tracking Case Study

Full-service building supply company reduces idling by 80 percent.

Read the full case study  

Wicker Building Supply Reduces Idling by 80 Percent with NexTraq Fleet Tracking

Full-service building supply company uses the Idle Report to cut down on wasted fuel and monitor unauthorized vehicle use


Established in 1984, Wicker Building Supply is a family-owned and operated business that provides concrete septic tanks and lumber supplies in the Summit, MS area. The Wicker Building Supply business is owned by patriarch Ralph Wicker, while Steven and Robin Melton own Melton’s Pumping Service. As the company grew and diversified, Steven Melton, General Manager of Wicker Building Supply, wasn’t able to monitor his vehicles’ activity as closely as he wanted to make improvements to his fleet operations.


Melton went through the demonstration process with a NexTraq account representative and was immediately sold on the value the NexTraq® Fleet Tracking solution could provide his businesses. Additionally, he implemented the Fleet Dispatch™ application for easier navigation for his employees out in the field.


Within weeks of using the NexTraq GPS Fleet Management solution, Melton noticed a dramatic reduction in idle time.

“We immediately saw an 80 percent decrease in idle time using the Idle Report with the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution,” said Melton. He adds that he purchased the solution, not because he didn’t trust his employees, but that they probably didn’t realize how much time they spent idling or how much fuel they were wasting.

Additionally, he was able to track employees that were using company vehicles for personal business.  Melton notes that’s the exception with his employees rather than the rule, saying, “We didn’t purchase the fleet tracking solution to come down on our employees, but rather to correct inappropriate behavior. There have been no issues since they knew it was installed.”

Recently, Melton had a vehicle stolen and was able to give the police detailed information about the vehicle’s location with the data in the NexTraq solution. He was impressed that he was able to track the whole process for the police.

Additionally, he enjoys using the NexTraq Fleet Mobile application when he is out of the office. Melton states, “I can use my phone or tablet to check on vehicles to ensure I stay on top of things.”

With the increased efficiencies to its business, it’s clear that Wicker Building Supply will be success long into the future.

video of NexTraq Connect mobile app

Take a minute and see how can help your business.

.Read the transcript  

Video Transcript

NexTraq Connect

Keeping Your Employees Connected

Think of all the things you do on a daily basis to manage your fleet. Things like calculating payroll {draw clock}, keeping track of which drivers are in which vehicle {draw vehicle}, dealing with driving habits that waste your fuel, keeping track of vehicle maintenance , making sure your customer service is up to par…

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Luckily, there is something new from NexTraq to save you from all that hassle, and it doesn’t have a secret identity…

It’s a fleet management app for your mobile device, and it gives you all the management tools you and your employees need to operate - right from a smartphone or tablet.

Imagine all the extra things you could accomplish if running your fleet was an automated process that you and your field employees could accomplish from anywhere, at any time.

With an app like NexTraq Connect, that becomes reality with access to easy-to-use features such as:

  • Job Assignments– so your field employees are always up-to-date with their jobs list
  • Time & Attendance  – which allows your employees to clock in and out, and record breaks, right from their phone,
  • Link to Maps & Directions– so your employees know the best route to any job site, and never get stuck in traffic or lost along the way,
  • Vehicle Assignment– so you always know who is behind the wheel of which vehicle, and
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reporting– to take the hassle out of remembering which vehicle needs an oil change or new battery

And all of this is accessible right from a smartphone or tablet.

Be your company’s superhero and save the day with a fleet management app for your phone.

It’s simple. It’s smarter. It’s NexTraq Connect.

Fleet Tracking

Know where your fleet is and where it is going.

Fuel Management

It's more than what's happening at the pump.


Assign jobs and go!

Mobile Solutions

Bring your office anywhere.

Elogs ELD Hours of Service Compliance

Elogs ELD Hours of Service


Measure. Manage. Improve.

Real-Time Alerts

Instant notification. Actionable information.


Multi-stop routing made easy.

Job Schedule Board

Simple scheduling for a smarter workforce.

Automatic Driver Assignment

Know who's behind the wheel.

Asset Tracking

Track anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Driver Behavior

Keep your drivers – and your business – safe.

Web Services

Bring everything together.


Prolong the life of your vehicles.


The smartest map on the planet.

Metrics Dashboard

Track your goals on a single screen.


The most reliable devices in the industry.


Connect NexTraq to QuickBooks and other software.

Online Driver Education

Create better drivers for a safer workforce.

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