Automatic Driver Assignment

Know who’s behind the wheel.

While most companies assign specific vehicles to individual drivers, many company vehicles are driven by different employees throughout the week.  

Multiple drivers? Multiple vehicles? No problem. NexTraq allows you to keep track of who was in which vehicle on any given day. NexTraq®Automatic Driver Assignment allows you to easily identify and verify the right drivers are with the right vehicles with the use of a dedicated key fob.  

When your drivers are aware that you know who is behind the wheel of your vehicles at any given time, they are more likely to drive safely and be accountable for their behavior on the road.  


With Automatic Driver Assignment: 

  • Drivers check-in by swiping their key fobs 
  • Vehicles are always associated with the correct driver 
  • Work is simplified for dispatchers 


“There’s a different person driving our trucks each shift. Do you have something that can help track each driver’s activity?”