Tractors, combines, trucks, balers, sprayers, spreaders.

Commercial agriculture requires a major capital expense in vehicles and equipment. Protecting that investment is essential to your business. Solutions from NexTraq help you guard against theft and misuse, ensuring your assets are where they should be, doing the job they were meant to do.

No matter the conditions or the location, NexTraq offers geofencing and mapping, powered by GoogleTM Maps, as well as asset tracking, to give you the peace of mind that your business is operating as it should:

  • Geofencing technology establishes virtual boundaries, providing alerts when your vehicles and crew arrive on site and when they leave, allowing you to keep an accurate record of hours and to ensure only the authorized use of equipment
  • Advanced mapping offers Doppler radar, satellite images, and views of the surrounding terrain, letting you know what’s around the corner and preparing you in case your vehicles and equipment need to be stored and secured
  • Satellite asset tracking and cellular asset tracking keep you informed of the locations of tractors, combines, bulldozers, backhoes, and more

Rest easy knowing that NexTraq has the solutions that will keep your investments safe and secure.

“Vehicle tracking and driver safety scorecard are a big deal. Add in the ability to see our trailers and tractors in the field, it’s the full package.”