With a fully integrated sensor solution, NexTraq helps you mitigate temperature related waste, eliminate unauthorized usage, and improve customer service.

Robust and easy to install—NexTraq provides the comprehensive reporting and real-time alerts you need for all your operations.

Keep Temperature-Sensitive Cargo Safe
Confirm that your reefer trucks are keeping cargo at a consistent temperature.

Monitor Equipment Use
Prevent unauthorized use of your equipment and improve maintenance.

Confirm Passengers Were Picked Up or Dropped Off
Validate your team maintained their schedules and followed their route.



Benefits of NexTraq Sensors


Improve loss prevention. Validate job completion. Reduce customer disputes.

Keep Temperature-Sensitive Cargo Safe

Easily Monitor Cargo Temperature

Ideal for companies that need to maintain temperatures within specified ranges, NexTraq temperature sensors provide an easy method of monitoring the temperature of your refrigerated trucks, trailers, and verifying cargo temperatures.


Get Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Compliant

If you ship perishable foods within the United States, you should be compliant with FSMA. NexTraq temperature sensors keep a log of temperatures throughout the route ensuring that your company is complying with applicable government regulations.


Better Deliveries Mean Satisfied Customers

Real-time Temperature Alerts let you know when a pre-set temperature threshold has been reached via email or text message. You’ll know when it’s getting too hot or too cold for your load. That’s the knowledge you need to help reduce spoilage.



Transport your produce and livestock in the optimal temperatures required for keeping produce fresh and animals safe.



Food & Beverage

Increase the amount of food and beverage deliveries you make by preventing food spoilage.


Monitor Equipment Use

Get Real-time Alerts to Monitor Equipment Use

NexTraq “equipment use sensor” alerts and reporting allow business owners and fleet managers to know when the equipment was used in the field, at what time, for how long, and when the job was completed.


Properly Maintain Your Fleet

Stay on top of the maintenance of mobile assets based on hours of service.


Uses for Every Type of Asset

“Equipment use sensors” can be used for many functions. These include operating pumps, compressors, generators, grinders, vacuums, blowers, chippers, shredders and more.


Construction & Heavy Equipment

Locate a piece of machinery and monitor how often it’s used.




Confirm the job was done when and where it was supposed to be.


Confirm Passengers Were Picked Up or Dropped Off

Verify Work Completion

Whether your drivers pick up or drop off adults, children, or the elderly, Pick-Up/Drop-Off sensors from NexTraq let you know the time of each pick-up and arrival plus the GPS location.


Remain Compliant

Popular with our customers in the public transportation industry, Pick-Up/Drop-Off sensors from NexTraq provide the information you need to comply with government reporting requirements.



Know when and where your bus drivers are picking up customers and dropping them off.



Government & Public Safety

Keep your police force accountable by receiving alerts when police lights are activated.


“Shipping perishable cargo is more demanding than people think. We need to confirm a steady temperature was kept from the time we picked up the load all the way to delivery.”

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How can refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring impact my ROI?

Fewer incidents of delivering spoiled cargo lead to higher revenue. Perfect for temperature controlled supplied chains (cold chain), implementing a temperature monitoring system into your fleet’s reefer trucks will enable you to track the quality of your shipment throughout the entire route. That means you could cut down on loss claims, increase the chance to save a load from spoilage, and limit rejected deliveries from your customers.

What type of cargo should be monitored with temperature sensors?

Any perishable food items, industrial materials, or chemicals that can either spoil or otherwise degrade when exposed to high or low temperatures should be monitored. Temperature sensors from NexTraq provide not just an alert when loads exceed a specific temperature threshold, but also a record of temperatures throughout the route. That can help validate your company maintained proper temperatures while in transit.

How can pick-up and drop-off sensors help reduce risk to my business?

If you are in the business of transporting people, it is imperative that your organization has the ability to document when and where passengers were picked up and dropped off at their destination. If a customer complains that your drivers failed to pick them up or arrived too late, you’ll have the proof you need to know what happened.

Can Power Take Off (PTO) Sensors help me manage my fleet?

By using PTO sensors from NexTraq, you won’t waste hours searching for missing equipment or wondering if your equipment was used. PTO sensors allow you to see when a piece of equipment was turned on, if it was moved and what its duration of use was. PTO sensors can also help with maintenance issues by informing you of machinery in need of oil changes or preventative maintenance. LEARN MORE