Since the year 2000, NexTraq®—a MICHELIN® group company—has provided GPS fleet management solutions to meet the needs of our customers throughout North America. With affordable and reliable vehicle and asset tracking, you’ll know much more than just where your vehicles and crews are on a map. You’ll benefit from powerful, real-time insights that can help get more jobs done, maximize vehicle uptime, stay in regulatory compliance, and improve your bottom line.


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delivery truck driving safely around safety cone


NexTraq makes safety a priority where it matters most—on the road.

Workers using tablet for fleet management


Keep track of your operations from your office, on the road, or out of town.

Birds eye view of a fleet of vehicles


A birds’-eye view of your vehicles, drivers, and teams.

Fleet manager monitoring maintenance of a vehicle


Improve uptime, prevent costly repairs, and get ELD compliant.

What can NexTraq do for you?

How does NexTraq help improve driver safety?

NexTraq offers several solutions to help keep your drivers safe, including real-time alerts. For example, with NexTraq Dashcam, you can see what happened before, during, and after an unfortunate road incident. Our Driver Awareness tool, an in-vehicle buzzer, helps your drivers follow safety guidelines on the road. You can track speeding, cornering, and braking among all your drivers using NexTraq Driver Safety Scorecard. You can also help prevent your drivers from using smartphones behind the wheel with our distracted driving solution, NexTraq MobileBlock™. LEARN MORE

Does NexTraq have driver training courses available?

Yes. We provide 44 comprehensive training courses. Our courses focus on topics ranging from driver fatigue and HAZMAT transportation, to delivery driver safety and DOT driver compliance. These courses are affordable and easy to access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. In addition, the NexTraq Customer Support team is always available to help when needed. LEARN MORE

Do you offer mobile apps for managers and drivers?

Yes. In fact, we offer two mobile apps, NexTraq View app for managers and NexTraq Connect app for drivers and crews. With the NexTraq View app, your supervisors and managers can quickly dispatch jobs to the closest vehicle and quickly view and contact your entire fleet. Your workers can work more efficiently with the NexTraq Connect app. By having access to vehicle and job information and the ability to record job time, your drivers can work smarter. LEARN MORE

Can you help me improve maintenance and stay in regulatory compliance?

Definitely. Our maintenance platform is designed to help you simplify your fleet MRO needs. This helps you not only avoid costly repairs, but also improves uptime. Moreover, NexTraq provides tools to help you with IFTA reporting and keep your fleet ELD compliant. LEARN MORE

Can I track both vehicles and things like trailers on the same map?

Yes. NexTraq provides GPS fleet tracking that covers vehicles, trailers, generators, and pretty much anything else you want to keep tabs on. Also, for items that are in use or deployed in remote areas with poor cellular coverage, we have satellite GPS trackers. If you are interested in solar-powered tracking, we provide that too. And, all of our mapping is powered by Google® Maps. LEARN MORE