What is NexTraq®?

The NexTraq® Fleet Tracking solution is a cloud-based GPS fleet management solution that is both comprehensive and easy-to-use. The NexTraq solution and its applications – Fleet Dispatch™, Fleet Metrics™ and NexTraq® Connect™ provide you with the tools you need to manage every aspect of your fleet operations.

Use our Fleet Dispatch application integrated with our Job Schedule Board to route, assign, and dispatch jobs with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Gain a high-level view of your fleet activities with our Fleet Metrics dashboard so you can set goals and benchmarks for your business. Our NexTraq Connect mobile app gives you and your employees the ability to communicate while out in the field.

What makes NexTraq® different from other fleet tracking companies?

NexTraq offers the broadest offering of hardware devices and has the most comprehensive solution in the industry. NexTraq has been in business since 2000. Operations, development, and customer support are based in the U.S. as well.

How can NexTraq® benefit my business?

GPS fleet tracking technology enables you to optimize your fleet operations by increasing your operational efficiencies and can help decrease costs such as fuel, insurance, labor, and maintenance. Moreover, with fleet tracking you can manage what goes on outside the four walls of your office.

You can improve business and increase revenue while doing your part to be more environmentally responsible. With a reduction in fuel costs, and thus consumption, you can limit the amount of emissions your fleet produces with NexTraq Idle Reports and Alerts, Start/Stop Reports and Speed Alerts.

When can I expect to see ROI on my NexTraq® purchase?

On average, our customers achieve ROI between 3 to 6 months of their NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution purchase. Some customers realize ROI well before the telematics industry average.

Another NexTraq customer states that the NexTraq solution paid for itself three times over in the first year due to reduced insurance premiums. As diverse as our customers are, their reasons for achieving ROI are equally diverse:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Lowered insurance premiums
  • Increased fleet productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
Does NexTraq® offer software integration?

Yes. NexTraq strives to create and maintain long-standing strategic partnerships with industry-leading software providers who offer added features and value to the NexTraq solution. Moreover, NexTraq has a robust Web Services offering – an open API platform that enables integration of your fleet data with third-party applications such as accounting, route optimization, and mobile workforce management. This allows our clients to move away from time-consuming manual processes to a completely automated solution.