Reporting & Metrics

Measure. Manage. Improve.

Good information leads to insights that help you improve your fleet management operations. With NexTraq, you have access to over 40 in-depth reports to help you optimize your fleet. Fleet reporting and vehicle metrics are key to helping you optimize your fleet operations.

Quickly generate reports on the fly and set up subscriptions to get the reports you need—delivered directly to your inbox. You can easily specify reports per vehicle, group, or your entire fleet. Plus, you can print hard copies or send reports via email to share with your team. Some of our most popular reports include:

  • Idle Report – Helps managers identify who’s idling too much. This information is used to coach drivers to change their driving behaviors so they can reduce wear and tear on vehicles—not to mention help to save costs at the pump.
  • Start/Stop Report – Validate payroll by making sure your team was where they were scheduled to be.
  • Detailed Activity Report – Pinpoint vehicle location and vehicle status to get a comprehensive glimpse of what’s going on with your vehicles.
  • Fleet Status Goals – You have goals for how your fleet should perform. Get reports to show what’s going well, needs a little help—or requires your immediate attention.
  • Fuel Efficiency Reports – How’s your fleet fuel efficiency based on what was forecast? Compare expected versus actual fuel consumption at any time. IFTA reporting solutions are also available for our interstate customer base.

Fleet reporting and vehicle metrics give you the information you need to analyze your fleet operations. Customers use these insights to learn what’s working well and what’s not.

Metrics Dashboard

The NexTraq® Fleet Metrics™ Dashboard gives you a visual executive summary of your fleet. Look at high-level fleet activity or get in the weeds for specific driver info.

  • View trends on a single screen
  • Set goals and track them, per driver or fleet-wide
  • Save time and money by identifying wasteful practices

Your industry is extremely competitive. When you know how productive your fleet really is, you can change the way you manage your vehicles. With reporting from NexTraq, your team will quickly find out where money is being wasted, and have the data you need to stop the bleeding and start saving money.


“Stats are everything. When it comes to planning, we need to act based on the data, not our gut.”