Mobile Workforce

Your workday is hard enough—managing your crews should be simpler. NexTraq® has the all-in-one mobile workforce tool you need to make your job easier.

The pulse of your business is just a tap away.

If you had NexTraq, you would quickly identify the right employee and vehicle for the job, then drag-and-drop the assignment into a calendar. Job details would then be sent straight to your team.

Your crews would follow optimized routes sent to their Garmin® devices and the NexTraq® Connect™ app. When they complete a job, you could get signed customer confirmation and see before and after pictures they took from the job site.

When you were out of the office, on the road, or even on vacation, you could check in on the status of your teams from your smartphone with NexTraq® View app for managers.

In an emergency, you’d quickly locate and dispatch the closest vehicle to the scene—improving response times while bolstering your reputation for customer service.

Plus, you’d turn every team member’s smartphone into a time clock. And more accurate time tracking would help your bottom line.

With NexTraq, managing your crews remotely is simple. You’ll have mobile workforce management tools that you can take with you. That means you’re always a few taps on your smartphone away from checking the pulse of your business.


NexTraq® Job Schedule Board

NexTraq® Job Schedule Board  Learn More

Quickly create jobs, assign the right crew, and check their status—all from one screen.

  • Edit and create jobs from the job scheduling calendar.
  • View a list of assigned jobs for drag-and-drop scheduling.
  • See employee availability and job status changes in real time.
  • Dispatch jobs to Garmin® devices or the NexTraq Connect app.


NexTraq® Route Planning

NexTraq® Route Planning  Learn More

Plan smarter with optimized routing powered by Google Maps.

  • Simplify your routing process.
  • Send routes to Garmin® devices and the NexTraq Connect app.
  • Complete more jobs during the day.
  • Save driver time and fuel with more efficient routing.


NexTraq® Time & Attendance

NexTraq® Time & Attendance  Learn More

Turn smartphones into time clocks, save time, and start benefitting from more accurate time tracking of your mobile workforce with the NexTraq Connect app.


NexTraq® Dispatch Verify

NexTraq® Dispatch Verify™  Learn More

Empowers employees with the ability to capture photos and signatures with the NexTraq® Connect™ app. Managers and supervisors benefit from a concise presentation of important job details including location, messages to drivers, delivery date, customer signatures, photos, and more.

  • Photo Capture – Perfect to confirm work was performed—as promised.
  • Signature Capture – A great way to reduce risk and loss prevention while improving customer service.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival – Powered by Google Maps, ETA to Customer sends a message to the next customer indicating when they can be expected.

“We’re looking for a product that combines job scheduling, routing, dispatching, and remote time tracking—but it must be easy to use.”