Supply chain, regional and local shipping, last-mile delivery.

If your fleet handles distribution services, there’s nothing more important to you than time. Deliveries need to be faster. Vehicles can’t be inactive for long. And your drivers’ hours have to meet federal regulations. There’s no better time to look to NexTraq for your fleet management solution.

NexTraq® Fleet DispatchTM makes quick work of scheduling and job assignments. You can also communicate with your drivers, helping them to respond to situations they may encounter. Now have the efficiency you require to make better use of your time, while allowing you to provide more accurate ETAs—giving you the reliability customers demand.

Then combine NexTraq’s Job Schedule Board, showing all your jobs all at once, with our vehicle tracking, optimized routing and sensors, and make time work for you:

  • Identify and avoid potential traffic problems and delays
  • Get real-time status updates on your jobs to address issues and head off potential problems
  • Use temperature sensors to avoid compromising perishable or heat-sensitive cargo

Our mobile apps—NexTraq® ViewTM and NexTraq® ConnectTM—offer the same information access via smartphone or tablet when you’re on the go and in the field.

Monitor your vehicles and your drivers.

Downtime is lost time that can be costly and tough to make up. That’s why NexTraq provides solutions to help keep your fleet and your drivers operating at their best:

  • Provide maintenance alerts when service is coming up or overdue with NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics and the NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module.
  • Monitor driver behavior to avoid safety issues, tickets, and higher insurance premiums using NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard, and Online Driver Training.   
  • Ensure driver hours meet the federal Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate using NexTraq® Elogs and reduce the chance of fines, penalties, and missed jobs.


“For me, a half-full trailer is a lost opportunity. Seeing where our fleet is helps us maximize space, make more deliveries, and make more money.”