Introducing NexTraq® Dashcam—it’s what you need if you want to help reduce liability and improve driver safety across your fleet. 


For example, you can check in on your drivers at any time for live snapshots of what’s going on. 

Plus, you’ll have the ability to get videos and images based on vehicle, camera, time signature, and GPS location. And, some insurance companies may offer a discount once dashcams are installed in your company vehicles.

NexTraq Dashcam—like sitting in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet.




NexTraq Dashcam empowers you to take driver accountability and fleet safety to the next level

It helps you make your drivers better—and protect your business. NexTraq Dashcam gives you the HD video and real-time snapshots you need to:

  • Incentivize good driving behavior
  • Reduce poor driving behaviors
  • Protect against insurance fraud
  • Expose staged accidents
  • Mitigate false/exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Defend against conflicting reports of actual events




NexTraq Dashcam is among the most advanced incident in-vehicle cameras in the industry.

Highlights include downloadable videos and images, real-time alerts, GPS location and LTE connectivity.

  • HD video with wide angle lens
  • Optional second camera for in-cab view
  • Multiple infrared LEDs for night-time recording
  • Real-time incident alerts with video and GPS location via email
  • Video and image requests for a specific date and time
  • Snapshots of what’s going on in real time




“When something bad happens on the road, I want to see what my driver saw—and how they reacted.”

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What can NexTraq do for you?

Can I request video footage at any time?

Yes. In fact, you can request videos and snapshots based on vehicle, camera, time signature, and GPS location. That means if there is anything you want to document for a coaching opportunity or to confirm whether or not your drivers are adhering to your no-smartphone/distracted driving policies, you can!

What type of driving event triggers the dashcam?

The dashcam captures harsh acceleration, hard braking and aggressive cornering events. When this happens, you’ll receive an email alert with a link to the video

Do you offer both driver-facing and road-facing dashcams?

The standard commercial dashcam offering includes a road-facing camera. Most customers then add a driver-facing camera to their package. The result is that NexTraq Dashcam not only serves as a powerful coaching tool—it’s also great for absolving drivers when they’re not at fault for an incident on the road.

Is the dashcam video footage high quality?

Yes. NexTraq Dashcam gives you downloadable high definition (HD) footage before, during, and after an incident. That means you can get clear and crisp video to help understand what happened, what the conditions were like, and have a good view of the area where an incident occurred.

Is GPS location included with the dashcam footage?

It is. When an event occurs, you’ll receive an email alert with a link to the GPS location along with the GPS location of where the event took place for incidents on the road. Plus, you’ll be able to download HD video showing what happened before, during, and after the incident.

Can the dashcam capture video when it is dark?

Yes. Each dashcam comes equipped with nine infrared LEDs. These enable the dashcam to record driving events in low-light or dark lighting conditions.