Fleet dispatching made easy.

NexTraq®  Dispatch™ is a powerful tool that allows you to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to your vehicles, and send messages to and from your workers in the field. 

NexTraq®  Verify™—an upgrade to NexTraq Dispatch—empowers employees with the ability to capture photos and signatures with the NexTraq® Connect™ app. In addition, accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), powered by Google Maps, can be sent directly to customers. 

Taken together, the features of NexTraq Verify take customer service to an all-new level. 

Fleet dispatching includes a drag-and-drop  Job Schedule Board that accelerates and simplifies other time-consuming methods of assigning jobs. With a  Garmin®personal navigation device (PND) or the NexTraq® Connect™ mobile app, you can: 

  • Increase productivity by providing daily itineraries and routes to drivers 
  • Improve safety by reducing driver distraction with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions 
  • Increase revenue by completing  more jobs  during your workday 
  • Save time by taking the most direct route or changing routes to avoid traffic 
  • Improve visibility with real-time updateson the status of every job 

With fleet dispatching, you gain a clear understanding of where your fleet is and where it’s going. 

With NexTraq Verify™—an upgrade to NexTraq Dispatch— managers and supervisors benefit from a concise presentation of important job details including location, messages to drivers, delivery date, customer signatures, photos, and more. 

Nothing proves a customer is satisfied more than when they sign off on the job. And when an employee starts their day knowing they’ll need to get a signature from a customer before moving on to the next job – the quality of their work improves 

Paired with the NexTraq® Connect™ app, NexTraq Verify allows customers an easy and streamlined way to provide their signatures.  

Once the package is delivered or the service is complete, customers can simply sign on the dotted line on your employees smartphone or tabletThis information is then automatically saved in the NexTraq® Connect™ app, along with other job details including the GPS location, date, time, and job notes 

Along with recording customer signatures, employees can also use NexTraq Verify to capture photos. With the NexTraq® Connect™ appthey can take photos to document the progress of a job site, confirm deliveries, and to diagnose problems or provide estimates. This streamlines operations, creates an extensive archive with detailed records, and provides the ultimate protection against customer complaints or false claims.  

Pairing fleet dispatching with NexTraq Verify provides an extra layer of security and detail to both you and your customers. 

  • Enhance employee accountability with before and after pictures
  • Improve customer service with accurate estimated time of arrival  (ETA) notifications
  • Improve loss prevention and reduce risk by capturing customer signatures to confirm the job was properly completed

“There’s got to be an easier way to assign, schedule, and dispatch jobs. We need the ability to send job details and routes directly to our people.”