Job Schedule Board

Simple scheduling for a smarter workforce.

The NexTraq® Job Schedule Board empowers fleet managers and supervisors to seamlessly combine daily planning with job assignments, job details, and pairing the right vehicle to the right team to get the job done.

The Job Schedule Board makes planning the workday fast and simple. The user-intuitive interface provides simple drag-and-drop scheduling and employee assignments. It allows you to quickly create and assign jobs, as well as view the status of jobs—all from one screen – so you can gain more time to concentrate on tasks that help grow your business.

The Job Schedule Board also improves dispatch efficiency. Send job details and optimized routes directly to your team’s Garmin® devices or the  NexTraq® Connect™ app on their smartphones and tablets.

The Job Schedule Board enhances employee visibility and increases the productivity of field employees. Assessing how teams are progressing in real-time enables you to see all pending jobs and appointments, as well as the availability of your employees and the status of the jobs in their queue. This allows you the flexibility to focus your attention on other opportunities and additional jobs throughout the day.

The Job Schedule Board improves customer satisfaction. With simplified vehicle assignments, customers are ensured that the right tools and equipment are available where they are needed most so the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

The Job Schedule Board uses vehicle-to-team assignments, making it easy to schedule new jobs at the right time and assign the right person with the right vehicle to get the job done. This helps you and the businesses you are servicing save time and money.

  • Edit and create jobs from the job scheduling calendar
  • View a list of unassigned jobs for drag-and-drop scheduling
  • See employee availability and job status changes in real-time
  • Efficiently dispatch jobs to Garmin®devices and the NexTraq®Connect™ app
  • Enhance employee visibility to increase productivity and streamline operations
  • Provide the right equipment and tools to improve customer satisfaction
  • Save time and money using vehicle-to-team assignments

“Right now, we’re using paper, clip boards and dry-erase boards to plan out the day. It’s chaos. My people want it all on one screen.”