HVAC/R, plumbing, landscaping, electrical.

If your company can answer service calls the fastest and make more calls in a day, your business will have the advantage in the marketplace. Customers will have a business they can count on, while you enjoy the productivity that drives growth. NexTraq fleet management solutions help make that possible.

Making the most of the time you have every day is essential in the service industries. Wasted time is a job lost, which means money lost. What if you had the ability to see your entire fleet in real time? To minimize response time and maximize efficiency? Now, you can.

For a view of all your jobs, all in one place, use NexTraq’s Job Schedule Board. Along with route optimization and vehicle tracking, you’ll have a solution that can shave minutes off response time, and these are minutes that matter to your customers:

  • Direct the vehicle closest to the jobsite when you know where your fleet is at all times.
  • Route your team to the vendor closest to their location when they need parts or supplies.
  • Know of any delays to reroute drivers to avoid wasting time stuck in traffic.
  • Get real-time status updates on jobs to keep you informed of any potential problems.
  • Improve ETA forecasting so customers can better plan their day.

With our mobile apps—NexTraq® ViewTM and NexTraq® ConnectTM—you and your drivers also have access to this important information on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

Manage and monitor your drivers.

Though speed is essential, you don’t want to overdo it, putting your drivers and others on the road at risk. Monitor your drivers and be aware of behaviors that require attention and could harm your brand and drive up costs:

  • Receive real-time alerts of excessive speed, hard braking and aggressive cornering.
  • Use NexTraq® Driver Training to correct behaviors and distracted driving.
  • NexTraq®Driver Awareness™ provides an in-cab buzzer that can alert your drivers to take it easy when they’re driving too aggressively. 

Capture Photos and Signatures

NexTraq® Verify™—an upgrade to NexTraq Dispatch—empowers employees with the ability to capture photos and signatures with the NexTraq® Connect™ app. In addition, accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), powered by Google Maps, can be sent directly to customers.


“A lot of our calls are for emergencies. If I can’t get a truck out right away, they’ll just call another company.”