GPS Asset Tracking for Trailers, Generators, Forklifts, and more.

NexTraq®—a MICHELIN® group company—provides the most comprehensive portfolio of asset tracking software for cellular asset tracking and satellite asset tracking devices.

Asset trackers from NexTraq can let you know exactly where your equipment is, help ensure that you can maximize fleet resources and help monitor unauthorized use.


Our GPS asset trackers work in urban and remote locations, enduring in the fields of some of the harshest agricultural, mining, drilling, and industrial environments. Their rugged design makes them resilient enough to install on the outside of any asset, even if it is out in the field for long periods of time.

Solar-rechargeable, battery-powered and hard-wired options available.


Durable. Rugged. Low Maintenance.

The NexTraq® Solar Cellular Asset Tracker is a dynamic tracker built to work with cellular networks to ensure your enterprise and industrial assets are protected. With solar recharging capabilities and a battery life of four months (without charging), this asset tracker provides emergency notifications when it’s moved to help you manage your equipment and safeguard your business from theft.

Solar Satellite Asset Tracker – 10+ years of battery life!

Maintenance free. Durable. Long-lasting.

Certified for use in the harshest conditions by the U.S. Department of Defense, this intrinsically-safe device features a built-in solar panel to help ensure battery life for up to ten years. NexTraq® Solar Asset Tracker (AT-5200) is a superior choice for use in remote conditions within virtually every industry.

Asset tracker device

Battery-Powered Satellite Asset and Trailer Trackers

Affordable. Dependable. Easy-to-Use.

Got trailers? We’ll track them! Our affordable battery-powered, satellite asset trackers have a lithium ion battery that lasts 18 months or more. It provides long-lasting coverage for items without a power source.

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Asset tracker device AT-5100

The NexTraq® SmartOne C Satellite Asset Tracker (AT-5100) is a satellite-managed asset tracker that utilizes comparative GPS positions and sensors to gather and transmit asset status information.

Hard-wired Cellular Trailer Trackers

Flexible. Weatherproof. Reliable.

The NexTraq® Trailer Tracker (TT-2830) is a versatile asset tracker built for flexibility, with extensive monitoring capabilities to meet your needs. With a record of excellent field performance, it’s ideal for assets. It is ideal for assets that are tethered but may sit disconnected to power sources for extended periods of time.

Asset tracker device TT-2830

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What can NexTraq do for you?

What is GPS asset tracking?

Different than vehicle tracking (cars, vans, trucks, off-road vehicles), GPS asset tracking is keeping tabs on valuable equipment like trailers, generators and pumps. These are things that can sometimes go missing, either by theft, mismanagement, or simply being lost in the everyday shuffle of managing a fleet. With NexTraq GPS asset tracking you’ll be able to see your vehicles and assets on the same map. That helps send the closest asset to where it’s needed most. LEARN MORE

How can asset tracking improve operations?

By knowing where all your assets are on the same map as your vehicles, you can send your drivers to the closest asset. A good example is for our customers in the restoration business. When they receive an urgent call from prospective customers with a flooded basement, sending the closest water mitigation equipment to the site is fast and simple. LEARN MORE

Why would I need solar asset trackers?

With up to 10 years of battery life, solar asset trackers are perfect for long-term deployment in remote areas. Plus, even if your trailers and other assets are in use in urban or more populated areas, asset trackers with solar-charged batteries are great for years of care-free service. LEARN MORE

What's the difference between cellular- and satellite-based asset trackers?

Cellular-based GPS asset trackers from NexTraq use 4G LTE networks. That means wherever your smartphone works, so will the cellular-based asset tracker. Satellite-based GPS asset trackers can be tracked virtually anywhere on the globe. So, from multi-modal shipping to remote places in the woods or mountains, there’s always coverage.

What applications are best for hard-wired asset trackers?

Hard-wired asset trackers are perfect for those assets that have their own power source. The most popular application for hard-wired GPS asset trackers from NexTraq are trailers. We have a lot of customers who use our hard-wired trailer trackers with temperature sensors. This helps keep them in compliance with food safety regulation while reducing loss due to spoilage.  LEARN MORE