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Bring Your office anywhere – with NexTraq Mobile Apps

Manage your fleet and keep your mobile workforce rolling with NexTraq® Mobile Apps, a suite of smartphone- and tablet-based workforce management applications.

Designed for both supervisors and workers in the field, NexTraq mobile apps can help give your team the knowledge required to work better, faster, and smarter.


NexTraq® View™ mobile app gives fleet supervisors the power to be more productive by providing intelligent, real-time access to their fleets and mobile workforces in the field.


NexTraq® Connect™ mobile app gives drivers and workers in the field the tools they need to stay connected from virtually anywhere.

NexTraq View™ Mobile App for Managers

A Better Way to Manage Your Fleet

Remotely Manage Your Fleet

Whether you’re in the field, in a meeting, traveling for business—or even on vacation—NexTraq View can help keep things rolling while you’re away.

  • Keep tabs on your business with smartphone-based apps
  • Get real-time access to key information about your fleet and your drivers
  • Have direct access to the NexTraq dashboard, live map, maintenance information and more



Monitor Your Fleet’s Operations

User-friendly and easy-to-use infographics give you a quick, comprehensive glance into your fleet’s operations.

  • Get single-tap access to vehicle and assets on a map
  • Locate any driver in your mobile workforce
  • Monitor your fleet effectively with real-time status updates



Increase Productivity, Improve Operations

Instantly view your entire fleet on a map—or pinpoint a single driver.

  • Quickly and accurately maintain your fleet using a vehicle inspection checklist
  • Gain visibility of the location of every vehicle and asset in your fleet
  • Filter vehicles based on driving status to analyze overall efficiency
  • Contact drivers directly from NexTraq View to provide detailed job information



Keep Your Fleet Moving

Assign jobs at any time with simple job assignment and scheduling capabilities.

  • View current job status and dispatch a job to the closest vehicle
  • Track details of jobs to efficiently manage schedules
  • Send job notes and job details to employees directly from NexTraq View



NexTraq® Connect™ Mobile App for Drivers

Boost Your Driver’s Productivity

Streamline Operations

Stay productive and improve customer service by knowing what’s going on throughout the day.

  • Associate the right driver with the right vehicle
  • Have your team take before and after images to document job status.
  • Report vehicle problems and maintenance issues right away
  • Know where your fleet is, where its been and where they’re going next



Work Smarter and More Efficiently

Start saving on labor costs by recording hours more accurately. Turn your team members’ smartphones and tablets into time clocks.

  • Automate inspection reports, prioritize maintenance and repairs
  • Record start times, break times, and end-work times
  • Enter notes along with status changes to track events



Increase Productivity of Field Employees

Give your employees the information they need to prepare for a job—all in one place.

  • View jobs and customer information in a list or on a map
  • Check job status throughout the day with easy-to-use dashboards
  • Easily update job status with just one tap



Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Simplify communication between the office and the field to help improve customer service with details about a job.

  • Receive detailed job information
  • Navigate directly to job sites from the app
  • Update job status in real time



“I like to fish. My kid plays baseball. I’m in the field all the time. I need apps that I can use to check on my business when I’m not in the office.”

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