As a MICHELIN® group company, NexTraq provides the world-class service and support you need to make a powerful impact on your operations. From GPS vehicle and asset tracking to routing, reporting and scheduling—NexTraq has the GPS fleet management toolkit you need to start getting more from your vehicles, drivers and teams.

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What can NexTraq do for you?

Do you offer FREE installation?

Yes. All new customers qualify for FREE installation. The NexTraq Installation Network is comprised of over 1500 Mobile Electronic Certified Professional (MECP) installers. We routinely equip on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, and other mobile assets throughout Canada and the United States. LEARN MORE

Will you train my office staff and drivers?

Yes. We provide a comprehensive training program. This consists of several live webinars and recorded sessions. For many customers, we can arrange private sessions as well. In addition, the NexTraq Customer Support team is always available to help when needed. LEARN MORE

How can we quickly realize our return on investment (ROI)?

It’s up to you. All customers qualify for enrollment on our 60-day Client Ambassador Program (CAP) at no additional cost. Our task is to help set up your vehicles, schedule reports, and familiarize managers and drivers with how to get the most from their investment in NexTraq. In fact, most customers can expect to see significant cost reductions within just a few months. LEARN MORE

Does your hardware come with a warranty?

Absolutely. We consider The NexTraq Warranty to be the best in the industry. It is designed to ensure customers under contract can painlessly upgrade equipment to 4G LTE at no additional cost. There are also no activation fees for upgraded devices. Plus, The NexTraq Warranty provides 100% coverage on cables, peripherals, harnesses and more. LEARN MORE

Can NexTraq integrate with my third-party software?

Yes. In fact, the majority of our customers are already using back-office software covering dispatching, order fulfillment, scheduling, and more. That’s because we provide outstanding technical support. If we don’t have an off-the-shelf integration for your needs, in most cases we can quickly work with you and your technical team to create a solution that works perfectly for your operations. LEARN MORE