Water, gas, electric, sewerage.

When servicing utilities, you don’t have time to spare. If there’s a problem with water, natural gas or electricity, your crews have to be on the job and working as soon as possible, whether answering a call in the city or a remote location. NexTraq can help, with solutions that save time and enhance service.

Simplify scheduling and job assignments with NexTraq® Fleet DispatchTM and the NexTraq ConnectTM mobile app, allowing you to communicate with crews in the field as situations change. This improves efficiency, cuts down on lost time and gives you the ability to predict ETAs with greater accuracy.

Empower your fleet managers.

The NexTraq® Job Schedule Board lets you see all your jobs all at once. Backed by state-of-the-art mapping, routing and vehicle tracking, NexTraq enables fleet managers to:

  • View satellite images, counties, weather, and more to allow for faster, better informed decisions when sending and shifting crews to jobsites.
  • Reroute crews to avoid potential delays due to traffic or road construction.
  • Expedite response time with the ability to see and send the crew closest to the affected site.

Operate at your best.

NexTraq also offers ways of monitoring both your drivers and your equipment to make sure both are operating at their best and keeping costs in check:

  • Real-time alerts can warn you of aggressive or dangerous driver behavior.
  • NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics and the NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module provide reminders of upcoming or overdue maintenance.
  • Asset tracking and geofencing help you keep a virtual eye on equipment near or far to guard against theft or misuse.

When every minute counts, trust NexTraq to get your crews to the right place at the right time.

“My teams keep the lights on in this city. But we’re understaffed, underfunded, and overwhelmed. Staying on top of maintenance and sending the closest crew helps us get more done.”