Prolong the life of your vehicles.

One of the most significant costs associated with operating a fleet is vehicle maintenance. It’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance to avoid unexpected repairs—before they grow to bigger, costly issues that could take your vehicles out of service. Fleet managers have to perform a balancing act: Keep vehicles maintained while striving for maximum productivity.

Stay on top of fleet maintenance with NexTraq. You’ll have the tools to help you save on costs associated with vehicle breakdowns—and employee downtime.

NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics

NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics provides comprehensive visibility into how your vehicles are performing—so you can keep your vehicles running at their best. Along with scheduled maintenance alerts and reminders, fleet managers use NexTraq Engine Diagnostics to help reduce fleet maintenance costs and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Here’s how NexTraq Engine Diagnostics could help with your fleet:

  • Eliminate manual data collection
  • Streamline preventive maintenance
  • Avoid expensive roadside breakdowns
  • Control repair and replacement costs
  • Extend the life of your vehicles

Get the data you need to manage your fleet more efficiently. NexTraq monitors the electronic control unit (ECU) of the vehicle so you can get the information you need to streamline maintenance, control repair costs, and reduce the risk of roadside breakdowns.


NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module

Get help extending the life of your fleet vehicles with the NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module. With vehicle maintenance schedules, logs, and reports, you’ll have the ability to help ensure your fleet vehicles get the service they need. Properly managing vehicle maintenance helps to optimize your vehicles and keeps them running at their best.

NexTraq’s easy-to-use maintenance schedules help take the guesswork out of servicing your vehicles. Our maintenance logs allow you to track vehicle maintenance and view details of services performed to ensure policies are being followed and met.

  • Automate maintenance schedules
  • Receive an alert if needed repairs are overdue
  • Stay informed with logs and reports

Sticking to regular maintenance schedules leads to healthier vehicles, lower fuel costs, less money spent on repairs—and more employees on the road and in the field. Help keep your vehicles on the road where they belong with NexTraq.

“My philosophy has always been if you take care of your trucks they’ll take care of you. But now I have more than 20 trucks. I need help staying on top of maintenance.”