Fleet Visibility & Productivity

We offer visibility into your mobile operations, providing the information you need to help maximize fleet productivity.

A bird’s-eye view of your mobile assets, drivers, and vehicles.

If you had NexTraq, you’d be addicted to launching our apps to see how drivers are doing throughout the day. You could see the trucks, trailers, and everything else you need to track on a map.

You’d have answers for customers wondering when your truck would arrive. Your teams would know what packages, tools, or parts were required to get the job done. If a team needed an updated route to a destination, you could use our mapping feature to talk them through the best way—powered by Google™ Maps.

When a team asked to give them the lay of the land around their location, you’d know based on their GPS location—all from the NexTraq® Web Portal with Google™ Street View.

And, if you needed one of your mobile assets brought in later in the day, you could find the closest one to the jobsite.

If something were stolen, the chances of recovering what went missing would be improved. In some cases, you might even qualify for an insurance discount.

NexTraq offers the GPS fleet tracking and asset tracking solutions to help you optimize your fleet operations to get more done. That can lead to improved customer service and reduced time spent on the road.

Does that sound good to you? Perfect: That’s exactly what visibility and productivity look like when you put NexTraq to work for you.


NexTraq® View™ for Fleet Managers

NexTraq® View™ for Fleet Managers  Learn More

At the office, in the field or out of town—keep the pulse of your fleet from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Dispatch: Make life easier. Assign jobs, send work notes, get progress reports, and more—all from the app.
  • Metrics Dashboard: Know the details. View simplified infographics detailing how a single vehicle or your entire fleet is performing.
  • Fleet Tracking: Find your team. Locate your vehicles on a map in real time to see if they’re idling, traveling, parked, or at the jobsite.


NexTraq® Connect™ for Drivers and Crews

NexTraq® Connect™ for Drivers and Crews  Learn More

Mobile workforce management success requires improved visibility and communication with your teams in the field.

  • Time & Attendance: Record hours more accurately. Turn your team members’ smartphone and tablets into time clocks.
  • Job Information & Schedules: Work more efficiently. Better prepare your workers with details of a job—before they arrive at the jobsite.
  • Vehicle Information: Keep things moving. Help prevent costly repairs, improve fleet productivity, and send the right vehicle for the job.
  • Workday: Direct your team seamlessly. Provide the information they need to get through the day—all on one screen.

“There’s so much going on during the day. If I could see where everything was and check my teams’ status from my desk or smartphone—that would be a huge help.”