Real-Time Alerts

Real-time notification. Actionable information.

Hard stops. Flooring it at green lights. Taking turns too fast. These are the things that keep fleet managers up at night—and put your company’s reputation at risk.

With more than 30 real-time alerts, it’s easy to stay informed about how your drivers and vehicles are performing with NexTraq.

Are your drivers following your rules of the road? With Posted Speed Alert, you can receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop if your drivers exceed the posted speed limit.

Are your drivers running the engine and wasting fuel? If excessive idling is a challenge, you can use Idle Alert to monitor and reduce events where your team is leaving the engine running when parked. This will optimize your fleet’s time on the job, prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles, and control your fuel spend.

How about school zones? Are drivers slowing down or are they speeding where they’re putting children at risk – irritating parents who see your logo on the truck and increasing the likelihood of an expensive speeding ticket? Protect the reputation of your business with the NexTraq® Driver Safety Solution.

Don’t get caught unaware. Use real-time alerts to start correcting aggressive and dangerous driving behaviors. With NexTraq, you’ll get notified when drivers or vehicles aren’t performing as they’re supposed to. That gives you the data and insights you need to make positive changes in your fleet operations.

  • Know when important events are happening with your vehicles
  • Receive instant notifications sent to your laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Choose the real-time alert type, vehicles to cover, and frequency of notifications

Remind them in real-time. NexTraq® Driver Awareness™ helps managers better ensure their drivers follow company policies on the road. When fleet vehicles are involved in harsh acceleration, hard braking, or aggressive cornering events—the driver hears a beep for one second. That serves as a reminder to drive more cautiously.

With NexTraq Driver Awareness™ in-cab driver alert, your drivers hear a 1-second beep from an in-cab buzzer to warn them to take it easy in real-time.

In-cab real-time alert is used to highlight the following events:

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Aggressive cornering


Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is one of the most significant costs associated with owning and operating a fleet. It is also a crucial factor in keeping your drivers safe on the road. However, staying on top of the service, maintenance, and repair needs of every vehicle and mobile asset in your fleet can be an almost impossible task.

With NexTraq, you can receive a real-time alert when maintenance is due or if it’s time to check the condition of beltsfiltersfluidstires, and more. Staying on top of routine maintenance enables you to avoid unexpected repairs – before they become bigger, costlier issues that could take your vehicles out of service.

Use maintenance alerts to keep vehicle components in better condition to reduce the risk of accidents, protect your drivers, and prolong the lifespan of your fleet.


“I hate surprises. Whether it’s good news or bad news, I want to know about it—when it happens, not at the end of the day.”