GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking Designed for Reliability and Ease of Use

NexTraq’s cloud-based fleet tracking solution gives you the information you need to help decrease overtime and maximize revenue.


Easily find and view the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Track vehicle activities including starts, stops, and duration of stops.

Quickly find addresses, then dispatch the closest vehicles with optimized routes.

Everything You Need in One Place

Integrate your vehicle and asset tracking into a single platform so you can see everything in your fleet.

Optimize Fleet Management

GPS vehicle tracking helps you to optimize your fleet management operations so you can:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Decrease costs
  • Improve customer service

GPS Vehicle Trackers for Every Purpose

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-3030

A versatile OBD-II telematics device for simplified GPS fleet management.

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-3030 is an easy-to-install, flexible OBD telematics device. It is an ideal solution for the passenger or light-duty vehicle applications where access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is essential for monitoring vehicle health and driver behavior.

NexTraq Vehicle Tracker VT-3030

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-2630

Leading edge fleet tracker for advanced fleet management with extensive capabilities.

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-2630 is a fleet tracking device incorporating a powerful processing engine, LTE Cat 1 connectivity and built-in triple-axis accelerometer. Hidden from your driver’s view, it’s optimal for measuring driver behavior, vehicle performance and location throughout the day.

NexTraq Vehicle Tracker VT-2630

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-3640

Robust telematics device built for dynamic flexibility.

The NexTraq® Vehicle Tracker VT-3640 is a next generation telematics device that can take sensors, Garmin connections, and be used as a three-wired connector. Equipped with built-in ECU (Engine Control Unit) vehicle interface technologies, odometer, and engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) for both light and heavy-duty vehicles.

NexTraq Vehicle Tracker VT-3640

“An aerial, real-time view of our fleet would make all the difference in the world. I could move my team around our territory like pieces on a chess board.”

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What can NexTraq do for you?

What types of vehicles can be tracked?

NexTraq provides GPS vehicle tracking for all types of DOT vehicle classifications. These include light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles. Plus, NexTraq is a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions to a host of off-road vehicles. These include earthmovers, cranes, and just about everything else you can think of. Contact us to see which solution will work best for you.

What can GPS vehicle tracking show me that I don’t already know?

During the workday, if your vehicles aren’t on the Jobsite, they should be on the way to the next one. With NexTraq vehicle tracking, you can see where your vehicles were, are, and where they’re headed. If your trucks are stuck in traffic, taking the long way, or parked away from a customer’s location—you’ll have the facts you need to make scheduling and routing adjustments to get more done. LEARN MORE

Can vehicle tracking help reduce labor costs?

Yes. This can be accomplished by limiting overtime. When you have the ability to cut the amount of time spent traveling to and from jobs—reducing the amount of time wasted driving to out-of-the-way stores to get supplies—operating costs can start to drop quickly. That’s because your team can spend more time on the jobsite earning money for themselves and the business. LEARN MORE

Insurance premiums are high. Can GPS tracking help lower them?

Possibly. You’ve always told your team to watch their speed, brake more gently, and not floor it at green lights. But are they listening? NexTraq gives managers tools like Driver Safety Scorecard that helps you coach your drivers to limit poor driving behaviors that can lead to more tickets, and accidents. In many cases, that can lead to lower insurance costs. LEARN MORE

How can GPS tracking help us get more from our fleet?

You need the data to answer this question: Do we have more vehicles than we really need? NexTraq can help. We know it costs a lot to add vehicles to your operations. Some customers use NexTraq to get more from the vehicles they have. That can result in getting a statistical insight into your fleet management operations you haven’t seen before. When you’re able to cut vehicles, you cut lease payments, insurance, and more.