Fuel Management

Control your fuel spending.

While you can’t predict gas prices, you can start controlling your fuel spending with NexTraq.

NexTraq’s fuel card integration and comprehensive fuel management solution provides a full range of tools to help you track, monitor, and analyze commercial fuel consumption. That means you could improve efficiencies, reduce fuel waste, hold drivers accountable for fuel purchases—and improve fuel purchasing behaviors.

With a better understanding of your fuel expenses by tracking fuel transactions and managing fuel costs, you could start saving money right away with NexTraq Fuel Management.

NexTraq integrates with your fuel card

Integrating your fuel purchasing data with NexTraq is free for NexTraq customers. Take a giant step toward cutting costs by:

  • Tightening commercial fuel purchasing controls
  • Consolidating fuel purchasing data with fleet vehicle information

It’s also a big benefit to customers who put NexTraq to work for their fleet.

“One of our biggest costs is our fuel spend. We know some drivers are abusing our fuel cards but can’t prove it. How can NexTraq help?”