Control and Monitor Your Fuel Spend

NexTraq’s fuel management solution helps you track, monitor, and analyze your fuel consumption with simplified reports and alerts.

That means you can improve efficiencies, reduce fuel waste, hold drivers accountable for fuel purchases—and improve fuel purchasing behaviors.

Reduce Your Fuel Spend
Cut down on unnecessary fuel costs by identifying excessive idle time and unauthorized fuel spending.

Hold Your Drivers Accountable
Know what your drivers are using your fuel card for to help detect and reduce fuel card fraud.

Improve Fuel Efficiency
Simplify your quarterly IFTA tax return process by accurately tracking your fleet’s miles based on GPS location.

Enhance Performance
Bolster your fleet’s performance by enabling your drivers to easily notify you of fuel and vehicle issues.


NexTraq offers a comprehensive fuel card integration and fuel management solution you can rely on. Contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your fleet.


Benefits of NexTraq Fuel Management

It’s time for a more efficient way to manage your business. Get the best GPS fuel management tools you need to help reduce fuel spending and improve profitability.

Reduce Your Fuel Spend

Help Stop Excessive Idling

Control your fuel spend by cutting down on unnecessary idle time and optimizing your fleet’s time on the job.

Works with Most Major Fuel Cards

We partner with the top fleet fuel card services in North America and Canada including Fuelman (Fleetcor®), Comdata, and WEX. In fact, NexTraq can integrate more than 24 different fuel cards. That covers virtually every fuel card on the market today.

Get More From Your Fuel Spend

Maintain an optimized fleet budget by receiving alerts for unexpected spikes in gas prices.

Hold Your Drivers Accountable

Help Control Fraud

Assign a fuel card to a vehicle to track a driver’s purchases, time, and location. Know where and when your drivers used your fuel cards—plus what they bought and how much they spent.

Validate Fuel Purchases

Match vehicle GPS locations to where and when drivers fuel up.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Know How Much You Spend on Fuel

View transaction records detailing authorized—and unauthorized—purchases with NexTraq Fuel Purchase History reports. This comprehensive report shows fuel and fuel-related purchases by company, fleet, driver, or vehicle.

Simplify IFTA Compliance

Make your job easier. Simplify IFTA reporting and regulatory compliance with easily accessible reports. With all transactions in one easy-to-use summary, you can automatically track every mile your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction.

Efficiently Track Your Fuel Economy

Compare your expected MPGs and fuel costs with what actually happens on the road. NexTraq offers fuel efficiency reports that enable you to visualize the average fuel economy for your fleet based on miles per gallons driven and the expected distance for a job. If it doesn’t match up, you’ll know.

Enhance Performance

Alerts Sent Automatically to Your Inbox

What’s happening with your fuel spending? With NexTraq fuel management, you’ll get all your alerts and reports delivered straight to your inbox.

Send Drivers to the Closest Fueling Locations

Track your drivers and identify the closest gas station and truck stops. With the NexTraq Geofencing and Mapping feature, you’ll be able to easily direct drivers to the closest fueling location allowing you to save time—and money.

Safer Drivers Save Money

NexTraq provides a host of tools to help improve driving behavior. Once employees stop speeding and flooring it at green lights, you’ll save more money at the pump.


If you were a NexTraq customer, fuel card integration would be fast, simple—and a great way toward gaining a clear path toward controlling your fuel spending. That would help improve recordkeeping while giving you a sharper focus of what’s going on with your fuel spending.

You could start incorporating card data, transactions, service and maintenance information with NexTraq right away.

Schedule a free one-on-one consultation to learn more.

“An aerial, real-time view of our fleet would make all the difference in the world. I could move my team around our territory like pieces on a chess board.”

Schedule a free demo now to learn how NexTraq® fuel management solutions can help you.

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What can NexTraq do for you?

Can NexTraq help me with IFTA compliance?

Yes. NexTraq helps simplify IFTA compliance for our customers. With the NexTraq IFTA Fuel Tax report, you can automatically track states travelled in, the total IFTA and non-IFTA miles, and the total tax paid.

Does NexTraq offer Fuel Slip Audit Reports ?

The NexTraq Fuel Slip Audit report allows you to see where and when a fuel purchase is made, as well as validate a vehicle’s location, time of purchase and fueling amount. That gives you a high detailed overview of exactly what’s going on with your fuel card.

Can I track both fuel and non-fuel purchases with NexTraq?

Absolutely. Our NexTraq Fuel Card Purchase History report lets you track fuel and non-fuel purchases by vehicle. You can also compare vehicle-by-vehicle fuel consumption to help improve fuel efficiency and eliminate abuse.

What fuel cards does NexTraq integrate with?

All WEX fuel cards integrate with NexTraq. Other fuel cards that NexTraq integrates with are Universal Premium MasterCard, Fuelman Advantage Platinum MasterCard, Universal Advantage Voyager, Fuelman Advantage Local Diesel, Fuelman Commercial Advantage, Fuelman Discount Advantage, Fuelman Diesel Advantage, BP Business Solutions MasterCard, BP Business Solutions, BP Business Solutions Plus, Chevron and Texaco Universal Business MasterCard, Chevron and Texaco Business Card, Chevron and Texaco Diesel Advantage, Arco Business Solutions, Comdata MasterCard, Comdata Proprietary, Kwik Trip Business Plus MasterCard, Kwik Trip Extended Fleet, Shell Fleet Navigator, Universal Platinum Canada MasterCard, HuskyPro MasterCard, Ultramar MasterCard, Chevron business Card Canada, and Speedway SuperFleet MasterCard.

How can fuel cards help my business realize ROI?

With NexTraq, you can set spending limits including merchant type, day of the week and time of day. You can also simplify your expense management and regulatory compliance by tracking and reporting on driver and vehicle purchases

How can I integrate my fuel card with NexTraq?

Fuel card integration is FREE for all NexTraq customers. Integrating fuel cards with NexTraq is fast and easy with our outstanding customer support. If you’re not a NexTraq customer and are interested in learning more, just talk to one of our dedicated customer representatives. You can schedule a free one-on-one consultation to learn more. LEARN MORE